Three fun craft projects for kids, and win a copy of the 'Quick Crafts' book

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Quick crafts for kids: how to make a paper bag star

When the weather puts a stop to a day out, try these simple crafts you can make with your kids, from everyday objects

Fill your winter days with these fun craft projects, using items you can find around the home.

Emma Scott-Child’s book, Quick Crafts for Parents Who Think They Hate Craft, has 40 simple projects that don’t involve getting stuck together with glue or picking glitter out of your furniture.

We’ve got three of the activities to try below.

Fork Pompom Garland

Did you know that you can make a pompom with a fork? It’s a quick way to make a mini pompom, and once you’ve made a few you can join them all together in a garland, which looks pretty when you hang it around a mirror or a window.

You will need

  • Wool
  • Dental floss
  • A fork
  • Small scissors

Quick crafts for kids: how to make a pompom garland - wrap wool around the fork

  • 1. Start by winding some wool around a fork, leaving the gaps at the bottom. Make sure you don’t let it unravel off the end of the fork.
  • 2. Thread some dental floss through the middle gap at the bottom of the fork. This will be the thread that holds the pompom together.
  • 3. Now get a grown up to help. Tie the dental floss tightly around the wool. This is a grown-up job because it needs to be really tight. Get a helper to place their finger on the knot and tie a double knot.
  • 4. Keep the dental floss ends long; these will help you to tie it onto the garland later.

Quick crafts for kids: how to make a pompom garland - tie dental floss around the middle of the pompom

  • 5. Using the small scissors, cut the wool on one side of the fork. It will spring up like a pompom. Cut the other side as well and slide it off the fork
  • 6. Trim the stray bits to neaten it up and make it more of a ball.
  • 7. Make as many pompoms as you want! Use the dental floss threads to tie the pompoms onto a long piece of wool to make a garland.

Quick crafts for kids: how to make a pompom garland

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Paper Bag Stars

These stars look tricky to make, but they are actually super easy and you can use them to decorate all sorts of events. They can be made with any type of paper bag – as long as it doesn’t have a side wall built in. Any bag that is essentially made like a simple pocket is best.

You will need

  • Six or more paper bags
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Wool or string

Quick crafts for kids: how to make a paper bag star - cut a triangle shape from the paper bag

  • 1. Take the first paper bag and glue an upside-down ‘T’ shape along the bottom of the bag, and then straight up the middle.
  • 2. Make sure you don’t glue on the part of the bag that sticks out – like on the bag pictured where you can see the edge of the other side.
  • 3. Place the next bag directly on top of the first and repeat the upside-down ‘T’ shape on this one too. Add the next four bags in the same way.
  • 4. Cut a large arrow shape into the top edge of the glued-together bags. The closer to the bottom this cut goes, the wider the star will open.
  • 5. Now you can unfurl your star.

Quick crafts for kids: how to make a paper bag star - unfold the bag into a star shape

  • 6. Make a loop of masking tape with the sticky side out and join together the last two edges. You could also use glue but masking tape means that you can fold the star up and use it again.
  • 7. Cut a small slit through the masking taped area.
  • 8. Thread some wool or string though and it’s ready to hang!

Playing Card Crowns

We always seem to lose cards from our packs of cards, so these crowns are something fun to do with the ones that are left. They are easy to make and once you get started, you can make endless designs with different combinations of bends and joins.

How tall can you make your crown? What would your king or queen name be? See where your imagination takes you.

You will need

  • Playing cards (or old business cards if you have some that you don’t need)
  • Stapler

Quick crafts for kids: how to make a playing card crown

  • 1. Start by stapling about eight cards together to make a long strip.
  • 2. Wrap it around your head to check the size. Staple the two ends of the strip together to form a loop.
  • 3. Make another long strip and staple it from front to back, over the top of the crown.

Quick crafts for kids: how to make a playing card crown - fasten the cards into a crown shape

  • 4. To make a pointy top staple two cards back to back, then prise them apart and join the bottoms of the cards to the cross-band.
  • 5. Fasten the strip over the crown, to form a cross across the crown with a pointy top.
  • 6. To make a curvy king crown, bend two strips of cards into the centre and add some cards sticking up in the centre.
  • 7. To make it stay put, bend a card at the bottom of the inward join.
  • 8. Staple this card to the band that goes across the head.

Quick crafts for kids: how to make a playing card crown - staple the cards together

Quick Crafts for Parents Who Think They Hate Craft by Emma Scott-Child is published by Vermilion (£12.99).  

Quick crafts for parents who think they hate craft: book by Emma Scott-Child

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