Living with gods: the British Museum’s powerful new exhibition

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Get 2-for-1 tickets for an exhibition that shows the role of faith in human behaviour through objects from around the world

Take a tour through human history with an exhibition that reveals what makes believing a vital part of behaviour, and take advantage of an exclusive ticket offer

Are humans naturally inclined to believe in transcendent worlds and beings? How does religion help people to cope with anxieties about the world, to form social bonds and make sense of their lives?

Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond at the British Museum investigates everyday objects of faith from around the world and through time, seeking to discover what these objects can reveal about how faith impacts human behaviour.

One of the highlights of the exhibition are the Zoroastrian glazed ceramic tiles (pictured), from a Parsi home shrine in Gujarat. They depict the mighty, guiding fire of thought. In Zoroastrianism, a religion that began in ancient Iran, fire is the visual symbol of purity, an enlightened mind and a god who cannot be seen. No rituals can take place without fire.

Different areas of the show will look at other key themes of belief. In addition to fire, the significance of light, water and energy is revealed, linked to the idea that religious experience is governed by our senses. Objects reflect how people connect to worlds beyond nature through the natural environment or in specially built spaces.

Other objects in the exhibition highlight the power of prayer, the importance of festivals and pilgrimage, and explore the marking of key life experiences. Together, the collection offers a fresh perspective on practices of belief, and how they are hugely important for all human societies.

Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond is at the British Museum until 8th April 2018.

Supported by the Genesis Foundation. With grateful thanks to John Studzinski CBE.

Boundless members can get an exclusive two-for-one offer for the exhibition. To book, visit britishmuseum.org/livingwithgods and quote BOUNDLESS at the checkout.

Terms and conditions

1. Tickets are valid subject to availability. Please note that there is restricted capacity within the exhibition space and your first choice of time may not be available. It is recommended that you book in advance to avoid delays or disappointment.
2. Offer valid until 23.59 on 28th February 2018.
3. Tickets are valid until 8 April 2018.
4. Tickets are non-transferable and no cash alternative is available.

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