Play a Real-life Escape Game with City Mazes

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City Mazes

  • 50% discount for groups of four and over
  • Brilliant fun for friends or family
  • One-hour immersive escape games
  • Available in Bristol and Cardiff
  • £50 per game for group of four after discount

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You're locked up and you've only got an hour to escape. The clock is ticking and you and your team will have to work together, solve puzzles and hunt for clues that will provide you with the code you need to get out of the building...

Escape games are fun and a valuable team-building exercise.

At City Mazes in Bristol, you'll have your pick of the following adventures:

Abandoned Office (2 – 10 people)

You and some friends discover an old, abandoned office. After you enter, the door locks behind you, trapping you in with no obvious way out. You have 60 minutes to escape...

Bunker Blowout (4 – 10 people)
A few weeks ago, all contact was lost with Bunker 9. There was a message left calling for help but, by the time it was received, it was too late – so now you have no choice but to blow open the door yourself…

Hostage Hostel (2 – 10 people)
You come across an old, creepy-looking hostel and decide to go in. What a mistake – you’ve now been taken hostage and you've got just one hour to escape.

Adventures at City Mazes in Cardiff:

Ice Breaker (2 – 10 people)
You've been lucky enough to secure a ticket on the Titanic. You're staying next door to a rather well-known couple, Jack and Rose, and your objective is to beat them to the top deck. Do you have what it takes?

Fall-in (4 – 10 people)
It’s the Fifties and life couldn’t be better for your family in your clichéd American dream home. At least it was until things go horribly wrong... Your only option is to get in contact with your past and future selves, escape and take on some evil aliens along the way...

Twisted Heaven (4 – 10 people)
You have died and apparently gone to heaven, but something's not quite right… Luckily, there’s a group of people that look like they'll help you find out how you got here, and how you can get out.


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