Death in the Ice - The Shocking Story of Franklin's Final Expedition

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Death in the ice

Key Points

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Key points

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  • Explore the exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich
  • Retrace the final journey of the largest British expedition ever sent to the Artic


About the exhibition

In 1845, Sir John Franklin sailed from England with two ships and 128 crewmen, hoping to unearth the final stretch of the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. But the journey would be his last, with both crews perishing in one of the most hostile environments on earth. Search expeditions were sent to find the crew with the promise of a reward for their safe return. However, all attempts failed and the cause of the catastrophe still remains a mystery 170 years on.

The whereabouts of the men and their vessels haunted Victorian imaginations and stories circulated of the men enduring lead poisoning, starvation, madness and even cannibalism. But it wasn’t until 2014 and 2016 that the remains of Franklin’s ships were discovered. Since then, the National Maritime Museum has been able to piece together an exhibition that gives insight into the fateful journey.

This is an opportunity to explore personal items, clothing and components of the ship, many of which are on display for the first time. The exhibition will paint a vivid picture of what humans are capable of when pushed to extremes.


National Maritime Museum, Park Row, Greenwich, London, SE10 9NF

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