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Antique typewriter, camera and candlestick holder on a wooden table

Farnborough Group

About the Event

8pm to 10pm, Thursday 19 March 2020

Welcome to our March Club night which will be an evening of 'What is it' presented by Richard Anderson.

Richard will bring a number of artifacts with him and Members will have the opportunity, probably with some difficulty and mystification, to try and establish what the object is, what its purpose might be and if that was not enough to place a value on the item.

We might even put a competitive edge on the evening by forming teams and offering a small prize to the team with the best performance on the night. Should be fun.

Come and join us.

If all else fails there is always tea and cake. 




St Mark's Church Hall, Guildford Road East, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6TU


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