February Club Night

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WW1 Garden

North Somerset Group

About the event

7.30pm to 10pm, Sunday 16 February 2020

We invite you to our club night with a talk on 'Reminiscences of a Victoria Head Estate Gardner'.

Francis who will be our speaker tonight will tell us the story of his father who started his career in Horticulture as a gardener’s boy on a large estate before the First World War. Hear about his life on a Victorian Country estate, which has now entirely vanished. Learn how to mow a lawn properly, with a horse-drawn mower, how to grow grapes, and why William Robinson’s butler served his master a pear on a silver tray. Also discover why the Ministry for War issued thousands of stirrup pumps in the Second World War.

We look forward to seeing you all there. 



Draycott Memorial Hall, Latchetts Lane, Draycott, BS27 3UE


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