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North West London Group

About the event

10.30am to 4pm, Sunday 8 August 2021

The North West London Group would like to our Paddock Autotest. 

An autotest is driving your vehicle around a short course defined by cones (mainly in first gear) however only one vehicle will be on the test at any one time. This autotest will take place on a nice smooth grass field and your standard car is all that is needed. Straightforward tests will be laid out to test your skill at handling the car, rather than your memory, so the event is ideal for all motorists.
There will be three tests laid out and you will have three attempts at each test with only your two best times counting towards the results. There will be three different tests in the afternoon. All you need is a current membership card and a road going car.
Entries are allowed from drivers from aged 14 upwards and people without a driving licence, so long as they are accompanied by an experienced autotest competitor. One of the regular drivers on our events can take on this role if required.
Each car can be entered by up to three different drivers, so why not come along and enjoy the fun of driving with family and friends.



Entry fee is £27 per person and Juniors (under 17s) is £15 per person.


Stanbridge, Beds, LU7 9JD



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