Introduction to The “Black Art of Metal Detecting"

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Metal detecting

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About the event

7.15pm to 9pm, Thursday 18 April

Don't miss the Swindon Group's April free talk, titled "Black Art of Metal Detecting" by Darwin Turner.

The talk will be one hour plus questions and taking place at our usual venue The Holiday Inn Swindon.

Darwin's talk is intended to be a gentle introduction to the “black art of metal detecting”! and is intended to remove the mystique surrounding the hobby that he is passionate about. Metal detecting has become a popular pastime over recent years and will cover the equipment required to start the hobby, followed by run through of the who, where, why, when and how of the hobby.

Darwin's talk will emphasises a responsible approach to metal detecting and will introduce the legal requirements which pertain to finders be they metal detectorists or not and emphasise the responsibility placed on the finder by the Treasure Act. He will also run through the finds from a typical day’s detecting. How items were found and how to find out what the items are and their age etc. Some of this work has been done in conjunction with a local history society. There are a lot of old Roman camps in the Wiltshire area and many prehistoric sites nearby. So, who knows what treasure could yet be found?

Although personally, he has made no huge discoveries he will cover a selection of his finds and would like to let the public and possible new detectorists know that that is the typical nature of detecting.

A short biography

I was a teenage mudlark, an amateur archaeologist in my twenties, a smallholder and potter in my thirties, a senior college lecturer in my forties and fifties. I retired in my fifties. I have spent my sixties and seventies as firstly the chair of a fly-fishing club then as the chair of a metal detecting club. To top it all off I am a mad keen gardener.

While working through the above I gained two archaeology qualifications, a teaching qualification together with qualifications in civil and structural engineering, building, marketing and management.

This promises to be an interesting evening particularly if you were fans of the BBC TV series the Detectorists and we hope to see you there. There is a free car park but do register your vehicle on arrival at reception. There will also be refreshments as usual and past club magazines to peruse.

Members and their guests are also invited to socialise in the bar afterwards.



The Holiday Inn, Swindon, SN3 6AQ 


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