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7pm to 9pm, Thursday 8 November 2018

Don't miss our November event. A free talk entitled "The Supernatural" by Paul Devlin. Director of Ghost Medics Universe; Radio Presenter: Life Coach: Buddhist Priest/Exorcist.
So not to be missed!

"I am an ordained Buddhist priest and exorcist who performs exorcisms in the UK and abroad. I am a spirit rescuer with 10 years experience (as well as a further 9 years studying in the paranormal field).

My training helps me to guide people through many spiritual experiences. I listen to my experience and do not judge. I have also performed exorcisms in Denmark as well as spirit rescues. I have performed many exorcisms and over 300 spirit rescues. 

I have worked in Mental health, N.H.S Ambulance service, Private Ambulance Service and in Special needs schools."

Paul is also a stress management life coach working with individuals and Companies who have high stress levels. "I use many different techniques such as cognitive & emotional stress therapy to help those who want to break the stress cage they are in and New age therapy for well-being that helps with depression, anxiety".

Every Wednesday evening from 10 till 12 midnight Paul is also a radio presenter on the Outer Limits show. "I host a paranormal debate show on Swindon 105.5 - This is a show that covers all areas of the really weird and wonderful aspects above and beyond our understanding". 

On top of everything else Paul is also Director of Operations of his own company Ghostmedics Universe covering all aspects of the paranormal and unexplained. Deals with Spirit Rescues, Team building, Events, Presentations, Advisor to Ghost Hunting Companies, Advisor to TV and Production Companies on the paranormal. Currently training in Exorcism. 

Come along for what is set to be a fascinating evening!




SES cadet Unit, Upham Road, Swindon SN3 1DH


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