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Crossword solution

Crossword Jul Aug 2020


7 See 1D
8 Alpine country that used to be part of Yugoslavia (8)
9 Italian manufacturer of high-performance sports cars (11)
11 See 21D
13 The - - , epic poem by Homer (5)
15 Midlands city that gives its name to a horse race and a fixture between two local teams (5)
17 US car producer known for its Firebird model (7)
20 Singer-songwriter known for such songs as 'Brown-Eyed Girl' and 'Moondance' (3,8)
23 Smash-hit musical about the life of one of the Founding Fathers (8)
24 Plant's underground storage stem (4)


1 & 7a Dutch cabaret performer executed in France in 1917 after accusations of spying for Germany (4,4)
2 European capital city located on the River Tagus (6)
3 Largest living bird, native to Africa (7)
4 Coffee with added chocolate (5)
5 Herb with a flavour similar to aniseed (6)
6 & 22D Any of the larger feline predators such as tiger, lion and leopard (3,3)
10 Russian car manufacturer that produced the Granta and the Vesta (4)
12 German manufacturer of the Kadett, Rekord and Commodore (4)
14 Highest of the four standard vocal ranges (7)
16 Country that has won the menÕs football World Cup five times (6)
18 Felt hat with a narrow brim and a ribbon (6)
19 Worker in metal (5)
21 & 11A Team quiz show hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell (4,7)
22 See 6D


Sudoku solution

Sudoku answers Jul Aug 2020

Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel?

Words must be four letters or more, each word must contain the central letter C. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed. There is at least one nine-letter word.

wordWheel Jul Aug 2020


Good Score: 14+
Excellent: 22+

9 letter words: Carnation

Other words that can be found:
Acinar, acorn, actin, actinon, action, ancon, anion, anna, anoa, anoint, anon, anta, anti, antic, anticar, antra, arnica, aroint, atonia, atonic, cairn, canna, cannot, canon, cant, cantina, canto, canton, cantor, carina, carton, cation, citron, coin, contain, corn, cortin, cortina, craton, icon, incant, inro, into, intro, intron, iron, naan, naira, nana, narc, nation, natron, nonart, nori, noria, ocarina, octan, ontic, rain, raincoat, rani, rant, ration, roan, tain, tannic, tarn, tonic, torn, train, trona.

Codeword solution

Codeword Jul Aug 2020

Picture Quiz

Woman standing on a rock

1 Dating back to the Precambrian Era, the tepuis are considered to be among the oldest geological formations on earth but how old?

a) 500 million years
b) One billion years
c) One-and-a-half billion years
d) Two billion years

2 The borders of three countries are located on the table-top surface of the mountain: Venezuela, Brazil and which other?

a) Ecuador
b) Guyana
c) Peru
d) Suriname

3. Mount Roraima is home to which of the following indigenous plants?

a) The carnivorous marsh pitcher plant
b) The golden trumpet tree
c) The Flor de Mayo (mayflower) orchid
d) The Victoria Regia water lily

4 Reports of Mount Roraimas unique wildlife inspired which novelist to write The Lost World in 1912?

a) Edgar Rice Burroughs
b) Arthur Conan Doyle
c) Robert Louis Stevenson
d) HG Wells


1d Two billion years, 2b Guyana, 3a Carnivorous marsh pitcher plant, 4b Arthur Conan Doyle.

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