Boundless magazine - Mar/Apr 19

Man filling out a crossword Man filling out a crossword


Crossword solution

Crossword answers


7 South Korean crossover SUV named after a city in Arizona (7,6)
8 Shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water, oil etc (4)
9 Band of colours seen in a rainbow (8)
10 Imaginary line drawn around the centre of the earth (7)
11 African republic, capital Nairobi (5)
14 Franz - - -, 19th century Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist (5)
16 Chat (7)
19 First name shared by Lenin and Putin (8)
21 Lowly chess piece (4)
23 French city car (7,6)


1 Group of binary digits in computing (4)
2 Name for England in Medieval Latin and a classic Ford car (6)
3 Large woodwind instrument (7)
4 Aquatic mammal of the weasel family (5)
5 Farming tool with a curved blade (6)
6 Soya bean curd (4)
8 Rotating device on a vehicle (5)
12 Noble gas that makes up almost one percent of the Earth's atmosphere (5)
13 Organisation set up to help those in need (7)
15 Area of the sky divided into 12 constellations (6)
17 Serviette (6)
18 Expression of amusement (5)
20 Vegetable of the onion family associated with Wales (4)
22 Participate in (a war) (4)

Sudoku solution


Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel?

Words must be four letters or more, each word must contain the central letter N. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed. There is at least one nine-letter word.



Good Score: 12+
Excellent: 17+

9 letter word: Fantastic

Other words that can be found:
Acer, aper, arpent, cape, caper, caperer, carp, carper, carpet, cepe, crap, creep, crepe, crept, enrapt, entrap, epact, etape, nape, neap, neep, nepeta, pace, pacer, pact, pane, pant, parcener, pare, parent, parer, parr, part, partner, pate, paten, pater, peace, pear, peart, peat, pecan, pecten, peen, peer, pent, percent, pere, pern, pert, peter, prance, prancer, prat, prate, prater, preact, precent, pree, preen, prerace, rape, rapt, reap, reaper, recap, recept, repeat, repent, retape, tape, taper, taperer, tarp, tepa, trap, trepan

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