Boundless magazine - May/Jun 19

Man filling out a crossword Man filling out a crossword


Crossword solution

Crossword solution may june 19


6 Country on Africa's north coast, bordered by Algeria and Libya (7)
7 Sturdily built dog, bigger than a pug, but with a pug-like face (5)
9 Piece of cloth attached to a ship's mast (4)
10 ? Benz, luxury car manufacturer (8)
11 Vehicle used for transport around a golf course (5)
12 US private Ivy League university (7)
15 Largest penguin species (7)
17 Military wind instrument (5)
20 US car manufacturer that gave its name to an iconic building in New York (8)
22 Mistiness, thin fog (4)
23 Popular Italian brand of motor scooter (5)
24 Bob Marley's backing group (7)


1 Japanese car manufacturers of the Legacy, Forester and Outback (6)
2 Conversation in a book or film (8)
3 Florida city known for its retired population (5)
4 Rounded cathedral vault (4)
5 Outer surface (6)
8 Male member of a religious order (5)
13 British manufacturer of such cars as the Astra and Corsa (8)
14 Unit of work, named after an English physicist (5)
16 Austrian composer known for his symphonies and song cycles (6)
18 Type of reptile (6)
19 The opening stroke in a game of snooker (5)
24 Nervousness that causes a golfer or other sportsperson to be unable to hit a shot (4)properly (4)

Sudoku solution


Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel?

Words must be four letters or more, each word must contain the central letter N. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed. There is at least one nine-letter word.



Good Score: 12+
Excellent: 17+

9 letter word: Fantastic

Other words that can be found:
Acer, aper, arpent, cape, caper, caperer, carp, carper, carpet, cepe, crap, creep, crepe, crept, enrapt, entrap, epact, etape, nape, neap, neep, nepeta, pace, pacer, pact, pane, pant, parcener, pare, parent, parer, parr, part, partner, pate, paten, pater, peace, pear, peart, peat, pecan, pecten, peen, peer, pent, percent, pere, pern, pert, peter, prance, prancer, prat, prate, prater, preact, precent, pree, preen, prerace, rape, rapt, reap, reaper, recap, recept, repeat, repent, retape, tape, taper, taperer, tarp, tepa, trap, trepan

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