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Man filling out a crossword Man filling out a crossword


Crossword solution

Crossword solution


6 Formula One team based in Surrey (7)
7 Nasal cavity (5)
9 Stinging insect (4)
10 One of the big three US car manufacturers (8)
11 Musical time (5)
12 Landlocked country in central Europe (7)
15 Framework of a car (7)
17 Plant with glossy prickly leaves and red berries (5)
20 Official procedure (8)
22 Device for raising the axle of a motor vehicle (4)
23 Lotus model of the 1970s known for its distinctive wedge shape (5)
24 Seafarers associated with the Caribbean and Penzance (7)


1 Group of eight notes (6)
2 Wind instrument popularised in Scotland and Ireland (8)
3 Freshwater fish related to the carp (5)
4 Prejudice or favouritism (4)
5 Director with complete creative control over a movie (6)
8 Austrian neurologist and father of psychoanalysis (5)
13 Name shared by Sébastien the tennis star and Romain the Formula One driver (8)
14 Slender tree with peeling bark and catkins (5)
16 Iconic two-door car made by Triumph throughout the 1960s (6)
18 Ornamental case worn on a necklace (6)
19 Braided hair (5)
21 Ballerina’s outfit (4)


Sudoku solution

Sudoku solution

Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel?

Words must be four letters or more, each word must contain the central letter O. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed. There is at least one nine-letter word.

Word Wheel solution


Good Score: 11+
Excellent: 18+

9 letter words: Ludicrous

Other words that can be found:
clod, cloud, clour, coil, coir, cold, cord, could, coulis, curio, curious, disco, dour, duro, idol, lido, locus, loir, lord, loris, loud, louis, ludo, oculus, ours, roil, scold, scour, scudo, silo, sodic, soil, sold, solid, sord, soul, sour, sudor

Codeword solution


Picture Quiz

The Treasury Jordan

1 Here is a photo of Al-Khazneh, the iconic temple of Petra. How is the building known in English?

a) The Chancellery
b) The Justiciary
c) The Ministry
d) The Treasury

2 Al-Khazneh was originally built as a mausoleum and has been carved out of which type of rock?

a) Basalt
b) Limestone
c) Sandstone
d) Travertine

3 The structure famously appeared in which of these films?

a) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
b) The Jewel of the Nile
c) Lawrence of Arabia
d) Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

4 Petra is the most popular tourist attraction of Jordan, a kingdom which has been ruled by Abdullah II since 1999. To which dynasty does he belong?

a) Al Said
b) Hashemite
c) Mamluk
d) Pahlavi


1d The Treasury, 2b Limestone, 3a Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 4b Hashemite.

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