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Crossword solution

Crossword solution May-June 2021


7 French fashion house, named after its founder, Christian (4)
8 Commercially-bred caterpillar that spins a fibre used to produce a shimmering fabric (8)
9 Popular car model that outsold all others in the 1970s (4,7)
11 Spear thrown in athletics tournaments (7)
13 Hero of Greek myth who went on the quest of the Golden Fleece (5)
15 Four-sided area marked out for a racket sport (5)
17 British luxury car brand known for the Sovereign and Double-Six (7)
20 London thoroughfare made famous worldwide by the character Sherlock Holmes (5,6)
23 Japanese motorcycle manufacturers (8)
24 Biblical character who built a boat to escape the flood (4)


1 Public open-air pool (4)
2 Card game played in pairs (6)
3 Country on the Baltic Sea that has borders with Russia and Latvia (7)
4 Orchestral instrument that forms part of the woodwind group (5)
5 Landlocked African country that is home to a sizeable proportion of the world's mountain gorillas (6)
6 See 22D
10 Little burrowing mammal with small eyes (4)
12 Name shared by many British rivers including one that flows through Bath (4)
14 Long tapering root vegetable similar to a carrot (7)
16 Actor and politician who served two terms as US president (6)
18 Yachting harbour (6)
19 Term used to describe a formerly domesticated creature living in the wild (5)
21 Dutch cheese covered in red wax (4)
22 & 6D Call to rally soldiers for battle (3,3)


Across: 7 Dior, 8 Silkworm, 9 Ford Cortina, 11 Javelin, 13 Jason, 15 Court, 17 Daimler, 20 Baker Street, 23 Kawasaki, 24 Noah.
Down: 1 Lido, 2 Bridge, 3 Estonia,4 Flute, 5 Rwanda, 6 Cry, 10 Mole, 12 Avon, 14 Parsnip, 16 Reagan, 18 Marina, 19 Feral, 21 Edam, 22 War.

Sudoku solution

Sudoku solution May-Jun 2021

Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel?

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel? Words must be four letters or more, each word must contain the central letter D. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed. There is at least one nine-letter word.

Wordwheel solution May-June 2021


Good Score: 9+
Excellent: 13+

9 letter word: Fantastic

Other words that can be found: Actin, anis, anti, antic, astatic, attain, attic, caftan, canst, cant, casa, cast, fact, fain, faint, fanatic, fantast, fascia, fast, fiat, intact, naif, sain, saint, satanic, satin, scan, scant, scat, stain, static, tacit, tact, tafia, tain, taint, titan.

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