Boundless magazine - Sep/Oct 19

Man filling out a crossword Man filling out a crossword


Crossword solution

Crossword September October


6 Author of The Lord of the Rings (7)
7 Type of spoon used to serve soup (5)
9 Roman tunic (4)
10 Ship in which animals were saved from the flood in Genesis (5,3)
11 Forbidden subject (5)
12 Greek wine flavoured with resin (7)
15 Country in eastern Europe, capital Kiev (7)
17 Large, round Dutch cheese similar in taste to Edam (5)
20 Alcoholic drink consumed before bedtime (8)
22 Canal that links the Red Sea to the Mediterranean (4)
23 Valve in the carburettor that controls the amount of air in the fuel mixture (5)
24 Acclaimed James Joyce novel that takes place on one day in Dublin (7)


1 Japanese car manufacturer and leader in the field of hybrid vehicles (6)
2 US state that gave its name to a classic stage musical (8)
3 Reddish-brown dye used on hair and skin (5)
4 Hit movie of 1975 about a shark (4)
5 Surname of the second man to walk on the moon 50 years ago (6)
8 Animal that can be a Bactrian or a dromedary (5)
13 Surname of the director of the films Raging Bull and Goodfellas (8)
14 Small amount of food eaten between meals (5)
16 Chess piece usually shaped with a horse's head (6)
18 Type of engine, or its fuel (6)
19 Fruit used to make tarte tatin (5)
21 Maori war dance performed by the All Blacks rugby team (4)

Sudoku solution

Sudoku September October

Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel?

Words must be four letters or more, each word must contain the central letter A. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed. There is at least one nine-letter word.

Word Wheel September October


Good Score: 12+
Excellent: 20+

9 letter word: Fictional

Other words that can be found:
Actin, action, aioli, aloft, aloin, alto, anil, anti, antic, atonic, calf, calif, cant, canto, cation, ciao, clan, coal, coat, coati, coital, cola, fact, faction, fail, fain, faint, falcon, fiat, fictional, final, finial, finical, flacon, flan, flat, float, foal, focal, folacin, iliac, iota, italic, laic, lain, loaf, loan, lota, nail, octal, octan, oilcan, taco, tail, tain, talc, talion, talon, tonal

Boundless magazine Sep Oct 19

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