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With great savings and access to exclusive member treats, join Limitless and experience cinema as never before.

Save 20% on your ODEON Limitless membership

  • Enjoy an exclusive 20% off your Limitless membership
  • Watch unlimited films at ODEON Cinemas in the UK
  • Watch all standard 2D films, including ODEON Newbies, ODEON Kids, Screen Unseen and Silver Cinema
  • Book as many screenings as you like on the day
  • Access exclusive Limitless member treats and huge potential savings
  • Book up to two tickets for future screenings

How does it work?

Log into the Boundless website.

Select the right Limitless membership for you and after your purchase has been completed, we will send you your Limitless voucher code by email. To redeem your voucher code, follow the steps detailed below.

How to use this voucher code

Step 1:
 Visit and select 'Join today'

Step 2: On the Your package step, select Do you have an ODEON Limitless gift membership voucher or promotional code? Then enter or copy and paste your 23-character Limitless Membership code (ensuring that there are no spaces at the end of the voucher code) in the Gift code box, and then continue. Note: do not use the promotional code box.

Step 3: The package will be automatically selected. Click Continue, enter your personal details and upload a photo of yourself for your membership card.

Step 4: Once the enrolment process is complete, you'll receive an email with a temporary member card.

Note: if you are asked for payment, your voucher was not accepted, so please restart the process and ensure the code is entered correctly.



How long will my Limitless membership last?


Your Limitless membership will give you access to unlimited screenings at selected ODEON cinemas for 12 months.


When and how will I receive my voucher code?


Your voucher code will be emailed to you within five working days of placing your order.


What can I watch?


With your Limitless membership, watch any standard public 2D film screening with standard seating in a standard auditorium, including Blockbuster pricing, ODEON Newbies, ODEON Kids, ODEON Screen Unseen, and ODEON Silver Cinema.

ODEON Event Cinema (theatre, sport, music, etc) and special or private screenings, such as premieres and film festivals aren't included in the Limitless membership.


What would I have to pay extra for?


3D screenings and 3D glasses, ISENSE, IMAX, The Gallery, D-Box, Premier seating and premium screening or seat type.


Where can I book my cinema tickets?


You can book your tickets in cinemas or visit the ODEON website here.


How many tickets can I book at once?


You can book tickets to see as many films as you like on the day you are booking. You can also book up to two tickets for future screenings. Your bookings can't overlap.


When do I have to show my card?


Bring your card to the cinema to book tickets and enter screenings.


What if I'm an ODEON Premiere Club member?


You can still buy a Limitless membership and earn points on snacks and drinks. You won't, however, be able to earn points on Limitless transactions.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this product you agree to our Terms and Conditions. If you have any queries please contact us.

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