Volunteer with Boundless

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Volunteering with Boundless

Ever fancied running an event, sharing your passions, meeting new people or gaining new skills?

You’ll find everything you need to know to become a Boundless volunteer right here – so why not do something outstanding with your free time?

How to become a volunteer

There are two easy ways to volunteer with Boundless

  1. Apply to run your own event. Whether it’s a cycle trip, a European break, afternoon tea or a Sunday stroll, get in touch and let us know what inspires you and we’ll support you along the way with any help you require. We offer funding for events and training where needed. Just send us an email with your event idea and we'll get in touch.
  2. Want to know when we need help? We’ll keep you updated on our upcoming events and how you can volunteer at them We’ve got some fantastic opportunities coming up, including our Summer Concerts! Simply go to your Account and turn on 'Volunteering' in your interests….

Want more information? Then get in touch: volunteer@boundless.co.uk or call 01273 744 630.

Why volunteer

Volunteering might be something that many of us have considered in our lives, but never got around to actually doing. So here are some reasons why you should think about getting involved.

  • Meeting new people
    If you’re new to an area, or if you simply want to extend your social circle, volunteering will help you make new friends. It can make you feel part of a community and gives you the chance to meet a variety of people from all walks of life.

  • Learning new skills
    Volunteering allows you to gain new skills in your own time that you might not pick up elsewhere. By embracing new situations and new environments, you’ll be taking yourself out of your comfort zone and will come away from your experience richer and armed with new skills that are bound to be useful in other areas of your life. It can also make you more employable and demonstrates commitment.

  • Keeping your mind active
    Meeting new people, acquiring new skills, taking on new tasks – there’s a lot to keep the mind nimble when you volunteer. We can lose our sharpness when we’re stuck doing the same thing with the same people day after day, so getting out and about helps you feel younger and more engaged with the world around you. A new academic study this year suggests that volunteering at least one hour per week can also substantially reduce the risk of older people developing dementia.

  • A sense of well-being
    Volunteering provides a boost to your confidence and self-esteem –  helping others and your community gives you a sense of pride and identity. And the better you feel about yourself, the better equipped you are to achieve other goals in your life. A satisfying life depends on trying new things and seeking out new experiences. It also helps relieve stress and staves off depression.

  • Share your passion
    Have a love of cycling? reading? travel? coffee and cakes? There’s nothing better than sharing the things you enjoy with other people who feel the same way. Our event experience and funding opportunities will give you the chance to take your passion to places you may not have considered before, to a level you may not have thought possible, and help you build a community of people who are just as enthusiastic as you.

  • Gain accreditation
    We’ll be providing all our volunteers with an official Boundless accreditation – more coming soon… 

Volunteering with Boundless

What events can you do?

Our members are unique and so are our events. We’d like to hear about any event you’re interested in running, from something sporty to a Sunday stroll.

Who can come?

Running an event is one great benefit of being a member. All members are welcome to invite a guest to any event, so more people can get involved.

Supporting our volunteers

Throughout your volunteering journey we’ll be on hand to support you, whatever level of help you need.

We offer funding to help with your event and training when needed; just let us know.