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If you enjoy precision driving or the thrill of speed, the Boundless Motorsport Group is for you.

This group organises a broad range of events suitable for beginners and experienced drivers alike.

Most events can be done in your normal road car, but if you choose to excel in a more specialised area you’ll find lots of enthusiastic members who will be more than welcome to offer support and advice.

The Boundless Motorsport group is Motorsport UK Affiliated so you can take part in almost any motorsport event around the country.

  • Track Days – Experience some of the best race circuits in the UK
  • Autotests – Put your driving skills to the ultimate test
  • Exclusive access and tours of motorsport venues
  • Spectators welcome – you might also like the Boundless Marshalling Group

We host a wide range of events and activities take a look..

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12 Car Rallies - dates throughout the year

Find out about Motorsports 12 Car Rallies taking place throughout the year and what it takes to get involved! Find out more »

Motorsport UK Competition Card

To participate in any Motorsport UK permitted events, you’ll need a Motorsport UK card from your club in addition to your Boundless membership card. For those previously issued with a Motorsport UK card, new Boundless Motorsport UK cards will be sent to you automatically.  

Great news: Your Boundless MSUK card has now been extended by one month past your renewal date! 
This will make sure you’re always in possession of a card to allow you to compete – and it will also give us plenty of time to send out your new card.
Any new cards will now therefore be valid for 13 months. Members with no cards or cards issued in 2021 can request a new card (replacement) by contacting 0800 669944 or email us here.



Motorsports offer a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Check here regularly for the latest updates.


January 2024
Sun 7th Jan to Sun 7th Jan
2024/01/07 - The New Year Run Lambert Arms Hotel Allan Goddard

Invite Events

Track Day

24 October

Taking place at the famous Goodwood circuit. We have a session purely for club members, so why not have a go at driving your car, at speed, in a safe environment.

Please contact Mike Harrison,



Motorsports Getting Started Guide (PDF 2.68 MB) Download



For any queries please contact us from our list of contacts below

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 01273 744763

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Motorsports Group Committee
Leader - Mike Biss
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Secretary - Bernard Ward
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Treasurer - Madeleine Grubb
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Committee - Mike Harrison
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 Telephone Icon 07974 268560
Committee - Allan Goddard
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 Committee - Malcolm Grubb
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