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About the Group

Interested in aviation? Then here at Boundless we have the perfect group for you.

The Boundless Aviation Group welcome everyone with a fascination for all aspects of flight – from the history of aircraft to the intricate engineering that enables them to take to the skies.

To get the Group off the ground, we’ll be offering an exciting range of events to tempt aviation enthusiasts:

  • Take a journey through aviation history with us as we explore heritage airfields and aviation museums with fellow members
  • We have access to airshows so you can get up close to some amazing aircraft and be part of some thrilling air displays
  • Join us for fascinating discussions on flight technology as we delve into the engineering that powers these magnificent machines

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Upcoming Events

Do you have a passion for aviation? The Aviation Group have a fantastic choice of events for you to attend throughout the year


Have any questions? Please get in touch with anyone on the list of contacts below:

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