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Whether you're just starting out, looking to learn something new or are an experienced photographer, please do join us and share your passion

If you have an interest in Photography and want share your skills and technical knowledge you’re in great company with the Boundless Photography Group. 

This group runs mainly on Facebook giving you the opportunity to share and find plenty of photography tips and advice, take part in monthly competitions and best of all some fantastic photography.  

What's Involved

  • Monthly and Annual Photography Competitions with fantastic prizes 
  • Share tips and advice with fellow enthusiasts 
  • Take a look through some fantastic photography

2016 Competition

The results are now in!

Photography Competition Banner

Once again the annual competition produced some outstanding entries and the judges had a tough time selecting their winner.

Take a look at all the 2016 competition entries here» and see for yourself!


Congratulations to our overall winner Roy Connor with his photograph entitled Car Wash who receives £300 in Photography related vouchers.

Overall Winner - Roy Connor - Car Wash

Overall Winner - Car Wash by Roy Connor

Roy's dramatic picture was taken by the harbour wall in Broadstairs, Kent, with a Panasonic Lumix. 'This rusty old Volvo Estate had been abandoned', explains Roy. 'The sea was really rough and the wave crashed across the car, just missing the seagull as its chick looked on.


Well done to our 4 category winners, each receiving £50 in Park Camera vouchers!

Faces Category

Faces Category Winner - Paul Dennan - Hog Heroes

Faces Category Winner - Hog Heroes by Paul Dennan

This is a shot of a 'hairy biker' attending a protest against the imposition of parking charges at Matlock Baths, Derbyshire, a long standing destination for biker outings. The small town was besieged that day with thousands of bikers attending to protest.

It was all very good natured stuff as ever, but who would argue with the guy in front!

My Place Category

My Place Category Winner - Allen Bruce - Looking Ominous

My Place Category Winner - Looking Ominous by Allen Bruce

Allen tells us, "I work in London and cross the Millennium Bridge every day. I love the fact that there are so many sights to see in London but, as a commuter, it's important to look up and around as it's so easy to miss the best of London as it interacts with nature. Here the Shard seems to interrupt the cloudscape, as the weather turns and things start to look a little ominous. London is an amazing city and has become My Place. I had thought of putting this in the nature's wonder category, but the picture is really about the Shard piercing the London sky and the amazing hues in the sky that made me stop and take this photo and remind me of why I love London".

Nature's Wonders Category

Natures Wonders Category Winner - Helen Jackson - Headless not Legles

Nature's Wonders Category Winner - Headless, not legless by Helen Jackson

This was taken on Boxing Day 2015 whilst staying at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. Here the main attraction is a herd of Rothschild giraffe who, along with warthogs, roam the 12 acre grounds and who poke their heads through the dining room windows early in the morning whilst your eating breakfast.

Perfect Timing Category

Perfect Timing Category Winner - Geoff Street - Look out Football

Perfect Timing Category Winner - Look out, Football! by Geoff Street

Geoff explains that his wife was playing “catch” in the garden with their Grandson after school one day. He decided to take a few pictures and managed to capture the expression on his face as he missed the catch. The ball missed his head but he must have been thinking he was about to get hit.


The judges had a difficult decision selecting the winners and wanted to show their appreciation and recognise these entries as runners up within each of the four categories

Faces Category 1st Runner Up

Faces Category - Runner Up - Andrew Scott - The Window

The Window by Andrew Scott

A photo of Andrew's son taken looking out of the window on a steam train to Swanage. It was his first steam train ride and he was amazed by the noise, smell and sight of it all. A moment to treasure.

Faces Category 2nd Runner Up

Faces Category Runner Up - Don Ramsay - Somebody get me outa here

Somebody get me outta here! by Don Ramsay

Sauntering through a concrete jungle of holiday homes in a Mallorcan resort, we came across one of the inevitable sights in Spain of dogs confined for hours on balconies. This one was, however, able to squeeze his head through the holes to get a full view of any passing dogs and other distractions!

My Place Category Runner Up

My Place Runner Up - Victoria Murray - Through the Keyhole resized content

Through the Keyhole by Victoria Murray

St Peter’s from a different perspective...

Nature's Wonders Category 1st Runner Up

Natures Wonder Category Runner Up - Chris White - Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails by Chris White

Chris spent about 7 hours in a hide taking photographs of these majestical and colourful kingfishers. On this occasion, the kingfisher caught the bird the wrong way to needs to swallow head first. It therefore flicked the fish into the air to turn it around and then swallowed in one go.

Nature's Wonders Category 2nd Runner Up

Natures Wonders Category Winner - Chris Martin - Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon by Chris Martin

Taken early morning from the rim of Bryce Canyon. Utah. USA.

Perfect Timing Category Runner Up

Perfect Timing Category Runner Up - John Cheesman - Ryan Air

Ryan Air by John Cheesman

This photograph is one of my third cousin Ryan playing silly whatsits; 'flying' into a foam filled paddling pool. There were a group of teenagers all trying to out do each other. No harm came as a result of his action!

Past Competition winners

View past year’s winners and entries on here»

On behalf of the Boundless Photography Group we would like to say a huge thank you to all who took part, we hope you'll join in again next year!


The group runs predominantly on Facebook so take a look and join today.

Have you ever thought that your photographs were good enough to be published? Do you want to show off your photographs to other photographers? Or perhaps you’re interested in expanding your creative and technical knowledge and sharing your own photography tips. If this sounds like you, then you’re in great company. 

Our Facebook Group is set up as a closed group so you are safe in the knowledge that only the Photography Group members can view your images.  The Group provides a great forum for our members to share and again knowledge in this private environment whilst putting your skills to the test in monthly competitions.  

Our aim is to bring together all members who have an interest in photography and provide a supportive and collaborative environment where people can learn and share their interest. Please request to join the group and following verification we will add you to the group.

Take a look at our gallery below showing a selection of our Monthly Competition winners from our themed competitions set by our members.

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