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There’s no better time to join the Photography Facebook Group. As more of us are staying indoors, the Photography Facebook Group is a place to connect with other members from the safety of your sofa. Over the next month the Photography Facebook Group will be hosting a serious of games, quizzes and top tips to keep you entertained.

Whether you're just starting out, looking to learn something new or are an experienced photographer, please do join us and share your passion

If you have an interest in Photography and want share your skills and technical knowledge you’re in great company with the Boundless Photography Group. 

This group runs mainly on Facebook giving you the opportunity to share and find plenty of photography tips and advice, take part in monthly competitions and best of all some fantastic photography.  

What's Involved

  • Monthly and Annual Photography Competitions with fantastic prizes 
  • Share tips and advice with fellow enthusiasts 
  • Take a look through some fantastic photography

The Boundless Photography Competition 2021

Click below to find out more

The Boundless Photography Competition 2021


The group runs predominantly on Facebook so take a look and join today.

Have you ever thought that your photographs were good enough to be published? Do you want to show off your photographs to other photographers? Or perhaps you’re interested in expanding your creative and technical knowledge and sharing your own photography tips. If this sounds like you, then you’re in great company. 

Our Facebook Group is set up as a closed group so you are safe in the knowledge that only the Photography Group members can view your images.  The Group provides a great forum for our members to share and again knowledge in this private environment whilst putting your skills to the test in monthly competitions.  

Our aim is to bring together all members who have an interest in photography and provide a supportive and collaborative environment where people can learn and share their interest. Please request to join the group and following verification we will add you to the group.

Take a look at our gallery below showing a selection of our Monthly Competition winners from our themed competitions set by our members. 

Facebook Competition Terms & Conditions 

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Take a look at some handy hints to get the best out of your photography

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DPI & PPI explained

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