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Find out what’s going on in the literary world with latest releases, members suggestions, monthly book reviews and competitions.

Dedicating time to attend a book group can be difficult – The Reading Room is an online book club that gives book-lovers the freedom to stop by and join in discussions in your free time. 

The Reading Room is available to join on Facebook, where you can escape to find detailed book reviews, suggestions, meet new people and even take part in monthly competitions. 

  • Stop by and join discussions with fellow members 
  • Read book reviews and make reccommendations
  • Take part in monthly competitions

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Book of the Month

Each month members have the opportunity to vote for the next book of the month take a look at the previous months for a short synopsis, information about the author and member reviews....


Congratulations to the 5 Reading Room members who have won a copy of The Fear by C.L. Taylor.

We look forward to receiving your reviews and thank you to everyone who took part.

Next opportunity to win one of 5 books to give away coming soon...

June Book of the Month

The Fear

Following our Poll both on Facebook and the website I am pleased to announce that the June Book of the Month is The Fear by C.L. Taylor.

Our Date for Discussion” will be Tuesday 3 July, any discussions can commence from this date.

How to

Any of our members can become a reviewer or simply contribute to the discussions on Facebook.

Facebook discussions are our main forum although if you don't use Facebook you can still take part my submitting your review which can then be viewed along with all other reviews on these web pages.

To review a book simply submit a review form to readingroom@boundless.co.uk or complete a form online here» . A review form can act as an aid to really make you think about specific elements of a book and how they have been interpreted by the author.


To submit your recommendations, reviews or for any queries please contact us on: -

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