The top-10 best UK dinosaur attractions and days out

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Free dinosaur days out: there's lots for kids to learn at free museums and dinosaur experiences

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From seeing Dippy the Diplodocus on tour to coming face-to-face with a roaring T Rex, these UK days out are perfect for dinosaur fans

The Natural History Museum’s Diplodocus, Dippy, is touring the UK until 2020. But if you can’t catch him on tour, there are plenty more dinosaur attractions around the country.

1. Dippy the Diplodocus, UK tour

UK Tour of Dippy the Dinosaur

Dippy, the 85ft Diplodocus skeleton – once a resident of the Natural History Museum – will be popping up in a cathedral, a parliament building and a community centre this year.

He's already visited Belfast anf Glasgow, and is currently residing in the Great North Museum in Newcastle. Next up is the National Museum in Cardiff, Number One Riverside in Rochdale and finally Norwich Cathedral until 31 October 2020.

2. Natural History Museum, London

UK permanent Natural History Museum dinosaur displays © Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London [2017]. All rights reserved.

Dippy may be on tour, replaced by a whale in his former location, but the London Natural History Museum still has a roaring T Rex, plus many fossils and specimens on display.

The stars of the exhibition include the first fossil ever found from a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the skull of a Triceratops, plus the skeletons of an Iguanadon and a Baryonyx – one of the largest meat-eaters ever unearthed in Europe.

3. Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs, London

Free dinosaur days out: visit the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park

This iconic collection of sculptures – including dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures like plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs – has been surprising and entertaining people for over 160 years.

Originally opened in 1854, the exhibit in London’s Crystal Palace Park saw enthusiastic visits from none other than Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. While the sculptures aren’t entirely accurate by today’s scientific standards, they’ll still make a big impact on the dino obsessed.

5. Jurassic Coast, Dorset


This stretch of the British coastline is, as the name suggests, famous for its fossils. Many are still being eroded from the cliffs of this World Heritage Site today, and tumble onto the beaches where anyone can discover them.

Caution is key, especially when dealing with cliffs and tides. Head between Charmouth and Lyme Regis for the safest beaches. Winter is often the best time to find fossils, too, as beaches are quieter and rough weather tends to reveal more of them.

6. National Museum of Scotland

UK wild dinosaur attractions

A giant T-Rex guards the National Museum of Scotland’s Natural World galleries, where kids can also learn about the lives of animals from the Arctic to Australia.

His friend (a stegosaurus skeleton) presides over the interactive Adventure Planet gallery, where kids can get hands on and uncover their own dinosaur skeleton.

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