Solo 2 Darwin with Amanda Harrison

On 11 May 2019 Amanda Harrison eased her Tiger Moth biplane off the ground at Biggin Hill aerodrome in Kent on the first leg of her journey to emulate the feat of Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo from the UK to Australia in 1930. And, for Amanda, the only way to do it was just as Amy did: solo, in a vintage biplane, with its open cockpit exposing her to the elements.

But Amanda had already been on another journey, through a major cancer diagnosis and treatment, a rollercoaster ride which left her with one question. ‘What am I doing with my life?’

What she did with her life was to undertake the mission of a lifetime, flying solo across 12 countries, clocking up 2600 miles and 46 flying hours. With two engine failures and mountains of international bureaucracy to overcome, her epic adventure only ended when faced with a warning that, if she continued, she could be shot down.

In this member-exclusive online event, Amanda will be telling us about the drama, the dangers and the sheer exhilaration of flying all by yourself in a tiny fragile aeroplane across the planet.

This is the story of one woman’s dream, a dream she never gave up on. Amanda personifies the true spirit of adventure, proving an ordinary person can achieve something extraordinary.

We’ll also be giving away five copies of Amanda's book, Solo2Darwin, on the night

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