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Step into spring

Words from Gerard O’Sullivan, Association Chair

It’s that time of year when new life blossoms and everyone takes a big breath of fresh air. We’ve even given your magazine a seasonal refresh, including a whole new section of useful information and everyday inspiration – we’ve called it ‘Good to Know’, and we hope you think so too. Our aim remains the same, though, and that’s to bring you the best of Boundless, including the latest member savings, ideas for great days out, and expert advice on everything from motoring to money.

Talking of experts, here’s something I learnt from one recently. Michael Mosley’s Just One Thing podcast revealed the secret to staying young. The answer? It’s having a sense of purpose. This rings true to me, and I believe it reflects the ethos of Boundless, too. Our club is all about igniting and nurturing interests, fostering friendships and making the most of life’s opportunities. And on that front, this issue is full of ideas.

For starters, you can find out more about Michael Mosley’s podcast in our round-up of life-improving listens on page 66. Or how about expanding the frontiers of knowledge like the citizen scientists on page 76, exploring new corners of the world such as the beguiling Basque Country (page 48), or coming along to one of our member days, like one we recently held at Aerospace Bristol (page 70)? We’d love to see you.

Elsewhere, Springwatch presenter Megan McCubbin chooses her favourite spring sights and, in those ‘Good To Know’ pages I mentioned, Dr Radha Modgil explains the Fresh Start Effect and there’s a new and improved motoring section. However you make the most of your free time this spring, I hope you find some inspiration in this issue and, as ever, please let us know what you think.

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