Lewis Hamilton triumphs for third year in a row in British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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The full story of the weekend from the Boundless team at Silverstone

Sunday: Lewis Hamilton won his third British Grand Prix in a row, leading from start to finish at Silverstone. It was his 47th Grand Prix win and, with Nico Rosberg demoted to third by the stewards three hours after the race, Hamilton now trails his team-mate by a single point in the world championship.

After taking pole position with a last-gasp record lap on Saturday, all was looking good for Hamilton at his home race. But after a deluge of rain just before the start it looked like Hamilton and the rest of the grid were in for a tough afternoon as a decision was taken to start behind the safety car.

For five laps, the frustrated F1 pack trailed behind the safety car on a waterlogged circuit before the race proper finally got underway, with Hamilton immediately pulling away from his team-mate Nico Rosberg and the Red Bull of Max Verstappen.

As Hamilton extended his lead, Rosberg and the 18-year-old Verstappen were fighting hard for second place. On lap 16 the young Dutch driver made a brilliant move on the German driver to take the place. Verstappen briefly took the lead as Hamilton pitted - but lost it almost straight away as he pitted himself.

In the middle stint of the race the remaining water on the track was still playing havoc at Abbey, as drivers including Fernando Alonso of McLaren and Carlos Sainz of Toro Rosso spun off the track. Even Hamilton had an anxious moment at Abbey, sliding off the track but quickly recovering control.

The close-fought battle between Verstappen and Rosberg continued and on lap 38 the Mercedes driver regained second place. For the remaining 14 laps the top three drivers held their positions and finished as they had started with Hamilton taking his fourth Silverstone victory.

However, Rosberg was later given a ten-second time penalty after infringing rules on the use of the radio. The penalty, which was finally ruled upon over three hours after the race had finished, dropped him from second to third

The ecstatic British crowd cheered Hamilton on his slowing-down lap and after pulling into the pit lane, he repaid their support and loyalty with an impromptu boiut of crowd surfing. Hamilton has now won four of the last five Grands Prix and trails Rosberg by one point ahead of the next round in Hungary.

British Grand Prix 2016 result

(amended after FIA's post-race ruling on Nico Rosberg)

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

3. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)

4. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull)

5. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)

6. Sergio Perez (Force India)

7. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India)

8. Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso)

9. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)

10. Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso)

Drivers championship standings

1. Rosberg 168 points

2. Hamilton 167

3. Raikkonen 106

4. Ricciardo 100

5. Vettel 98

Constructors standings

1 Mercedes 338 points

2 Ferrari 204

3 Red Bull 195

4 Williams 92

5 Force India 73

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Race preview podcast

Saturday: Lewis Hamilton delighted a large and expectant crowd at Silverstone by seizing a last-gasp pole position from his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg.

On the last lap of his qualifying session Hamilton took the 55th pole of his career and his fourth at this circuit. This was also the sixth time this season he will start from P1.

The Silver Arrows Mercedes were flying this afternoon, with both drivers breaking the previous track record for this configuration of the Silverstone circuit set by Hamilton in 2013.

There was controversy during the session as a number of drivers, including Hamilton in Q3, had lap times disallowed due to infringements of track limits. The drivers and teams are hoping for clarification on this rule so it does not impact the race tomorrow.

Hamilton said: ‘Firstly I want to say how grateful I am for all the amazing fans that we have this weekend. Right through from Thursday until today, it’s been the biggest crowd I think I’ve ever seen here. It wasn’t the cleanest qualifying session. We had great pace all the way through – but I ran a bit wide on my first Q3 lap and had the time taken away. I just touched the kerb and it really pulled me out there. I didn’t even fell like I was going to be running wide until the car bottomed out and I just bounced outside the line. So then there was a lot of pressure on my final lap. I was sitting there in the garage thinking “I can’t let these guys [the fans] down”.

Rosberg , leading the world championship by 11 points, commented: ‘Tomorrow is the day and it's all to play for and it will be a great battle between Lewis and me. There are some chances at the start and it will be interesting how the tyre degradation will influence the strategy. Recently I've had good starts, so I'm looking forward to it. I'll definitely still be pushing for the win.’

British driver Jolyon Palmer of Renault Sport fell foul of the track limit rule and for his first home GP he frustratingly finished in 18th place on the grid for the race.

Palmer said: ‘It was a very difficult session. I had been feeling good in the car all weekend but the last set of tyres didn’t switch on for some reason. Until then I was feeling OK but I had really bad grip for the last run, couldn’t improve and then missed out. I’m disappointed as I think there is more in there to improve. For the race it’s the same plan as usual – you never know what will happen. We will keep our heads down and get on with it.”

McLaren driver Jenson Button has never had luck on his side at Silverstone. He commented:It hasn’t been a lucky weekend for me so far. One of the rear-wing endplates became detached from the floor on my first flying lap in Q1, and the rear end of the car slowly deteriorated for the remainder of the lap. It happened into Turn Eight, which is where the high-speed corners start, and where you need downforce, so I’m surprised I even did the lap time I did, to be honest. We tried to fix it in order go out again for a second run, but sadly we ran out of time. Still, I’m smiling because it is what is. We’ll deal with it, and we’ll come out of it stronger. I’ll be hoping for rain and something unexpected to happen in the race, and I’m still aiming for points tomorrow.’

So Hamilton will start from pole with a record race day crowd of 140,000 expected, willing him to win his fourth British Grand Prix at Silverstone. If he does take the victory he will be the most successful British F1 driver at this circuit and the first driver since Jim Clark to win three consecutive BGP races. That will give the fans something to cheer about.


British Grand Prix qualifying results.

  1. Lewis Hamilton            Mercedes

  2. Nico Rosberg               Mercedes

  3. Max Verstappen           Red Bull

  4. Daniel Ricciardo           Red Bull

  5. Kimi Raikkonen            Ferrari

  6. Sebastian Vettel           Ferrari

  7. Valterri Bottas               Williams

  8. Carlos Sainz                 Toro Rosso

  9. Nico Hulkenberg           Force India

  10. Fernando Alonso          McLaren


Hamilton’s last-gasp fastest-lap aside, the main talking point after qualifying was Silverstone’s new track-limits rules. Several drivers had their fastest laps deleted after saving time by gong off the track – but other drivers appeared to break the rules without being punished. Here’s three drivers' thoughts on the controversy.


Jenson Button’s McLaren team asked the FIA to check Renault's Kevin Magnusson’s fastest lap in Q1. Button rushed back to his car hoping to go back out for Q2 but it proved in vain.


Button: “As far as I saw from the footage he [Magnusson] went off twice on the same lap. But the problem is Q1 and Q2 are so close together and the stewards are obviously very busy – so once Q2 has started it’s game over.


"We discussed track limits in the drivers briefing on Friday. We all agreed that it’s best on the three corners in question – Copse, Stowe and the last corner – that if all four wheels are over the white line, then the lap is discounted. Those were the places where we thought it was possible to gain time by going off the circuit.


"When I ran back to the car thinking we might be going back out for Q2, there was a massive roar from the crowd. I think it was for my running skills not my driving skills, but it was a really nice moment.”


Fernando Alonso’s fastest lap time was deleted under the tracks-limits rules.


Alonso: “I didn’t receive an explanation: we know the rules. We need to stay within the white lines at some of the corners, but we didn’t have the video of the lap in question. I guess it was at turn 15. It’s ok. We’ve had the same situation in Austria for some years, and now here. But that's the sport, Sometimes, you finish a race and you don’t know who’s won until five hours later, because the stewards need to look at something. That’s Formula 1."


Jolyon Palmer had his fastest lap deleted.


Palmer: “I think there’s a real problem for a circuit like this – I had a lap deleted and it was fair-dos: we all know the rules. So long as it’s policed properly. I haven’t seen all the session again but there was some that was not policed properly. It’s rubbish for everyone. It’s really stupid when some people can go four wheels off and get away with it. It’s a real problem. It makes it more confusing and less enjoyable for fans.


"The limits weren’t really enforced in practice. And it will be the same mess  in the race as well. We don’t know how it will work. It’s a mess. We need something to stop us going off. We need gravel back or something. If there’s gravel on the corner, it’s not an issue. But on the ‘car park’ tracks people use what they want. It’s difficult to police - I don’t envy the job – but if you miss one single incident, it becomes a mess. We should be talking about Hamilton's wonder-lap. Instead it’s ‘Hamilton survives a track limits scare.’


"Without the penalties, people would be driving off the track everywhere [cutting corners] which is not really the purpose of having a track!"



F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton dominated the first and second practice sessions in front of his home crowd at a windy Silverstone on Friday. Team-mate Nico Rosberg was a very close second in the first session but a water leak meant he had to frustratingly sit out FP2. The team expect to have his car fixed and ready to run in FP3 on Saturday morning.

Lewis Hamilton said: ‘It’s been a great first day. Lots of positive steps forward with the balance of the car. It’s incredibly gusty out there, which is one of the awesome challenges of this circuit. Coming through Maggots and Becketts then down through Stowe I was actually yelling in my helmet, it’s that exciting! What a great combination of corners – particularly when the wind is blowing in the right direction – it just felt epic through there – one of the most fun rollercoaster rides you can imagine.’

Nico Rosberg said: ‘I had a good morning session. It looks like it will be a good battle between me and Lewis. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to run in the afternoon but I am sure we can fix the problems for tomorrow. I will see what Lewis learnt today and try and adapt it.’

Two other British drivers are on the grid this weekend. Jenson Button of McLaren finished 12th in FP1 and 9th in FP2 and Jolyon Palmer of Renault Sport finished 16th in FP1 and 18th in FP2.

Jolyon Palmer was reserve driver for the team here last year so this is his first time at the British GP as a fully fledged F1 driver: ‘Silverstone is a great track and I enjoyed driving out there today. It looks as though we’ll have British weather all weekend but a bit of rain mixing it up would be good for us.’

Come back throughout the race weekend for all the sights and sounds of the 2016 British Grand Prix. An eventful race last year saw Lewis Hamilton clinch victory on his way to his third world championship. This year he arrives at Silverstone 11 points behind his team-mate Nico Rosberg.

It's been a sticky first half of the season for Hamilton that has seen his 'friendly' rivalry with Rosberg become ever tenser: Rosberg won the first four races of the season and, with Mercedes' rivals finally closing the gap, Hamilton has had his work cut out to get to Silverstone within sight of the championship lead. But his three wins in the last four Grands Prix (Monaco, Canada and Austria) mean he comes to Silverstone with a new momentum.


First Practice Session Results – fastest times

  1. Lewis Hamilton                 Mercedes

  2. Nico Rosberg                     Mercedes

  3. Nico Hulkenberg              Force India

  4. Sebastian Vettel               Ferrari

  5. Daniel Ricciardo                Red Bull

  6. Kimi Raikkonen                 Ferrari

  7. Max Verstappen              Red Bull

  8. Sergio Perez                       Force India

  9. Carlos Sainz                        Toro Rosso

  10. Fernando Alonso             McLaren


Second Practice Session Results

  1. Lewis Hamilton                 Mercedes

  2. Daniel Ricciardo                Red Bull

  3. Max Verstappen              Red Bull

  4. Sebastian Vettel               Ferrari

  5. Kimi Raikkonen                 Ferrari

  6. Fernando Alonso             McLaren

  7. Valterri Bottas                   Williams

  8. Romain Grosjean             Haas

  9. Jenson Button                   McLaren

  10. Felipe Massa                      Williams


Here's our wrap-up podcast from last year's Grand Prix, which saw the Williams of Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas lead for much of an exciting race, only to be undone by Hamilton's smarter pitting tactics and the coming of the rain...

What happened last year...

Lewis Hamilton celebrates with the home crowd
Lewis Hamilton celebrates with the home crowd
Hamilton won thanks to his pitting tactics
Hamilton won thanks to his pitting tactics
Felipe Massa charged into the lead at the first corner
Felipe Massa charged into the lead at the first corner
Hamilton and Massa jockey for the lead
Hamilton and Massa jockey for the lead
Williams' Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas led early on
Williams' Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas led early on
Stormy weather played a big part in deciding the race
Stormy weather played a big part in deciding the race
Three-fifths of the Spice Girls reunited in the paddock
Three-fifths of the Spice Girls reunited in the paddock
British driver Will Stevens made his Silverstone F1 debut
British driver Will Stevens made his Silverstone F1 debut

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