Epic Drive podcast: Audi in the Black Forest

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Podcast: an Epic Drive in the Black Forest

On this podcast, with Duncan Steer and Sean McGreevy

3 mins 40 (and throughout) Sean discusses the Audi Q7.

6 mins 50 The schnapps hiking trail around Sasbachwalden.

8 mins 05 The Alternative Wolf and Bear Park - looking after animals rescued from zoos and circuses. Head biologist Sabrina tells us why bears are more scared of humans than we are of them.

11 mins 20 Glass-blowing at the Black Forest's last traditional glass-makers.

12 mins 30 Are the Brothers Grimm fairy tales really all from the Black Forest (and, if not, where?)?

13 mins 50 Meeting fifth-generation cuckoo-clock maker Klaus Herr in Triberg.

21 mins 10 Inside the Triberg Museum, 'full of the most unusual things...'

24 mins 07 Freiburg's car-free city centre.

27 mins Simone Brixel of Black Forest tourism tells us the real definition of a beer garden.


Price: £47,755
Engine: 2967cc 6-cylinder turbodiesel
Power: 215bhp
Torque: 369lb ft
Transmission: Eight-speed tiptronic auto, AWD
Performance: 0 – 62mph in 7.3 sec, 134mph
Combined mpg: 49.6
CO2: 148g/km
Boot space (min/max litres) 295/1955

Black Forest gallery by Pete Goding

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