Movie round-up: 5 family films to see at the cinema this Christmas

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Chrismas family movie releases 2017

The festive season is bringing the usual host of new releases – we’ve rounded up the best. And you can get cinema ticket discounts with Boundless

Here’s our pick of the family-friendly highlights coming your way in December – perfect for the Christmas holidays

Paddington 2

Certificate: PG
Released: Out now

Few could not have been won over by 2014’s utterly wonderful Paddington, the big screen adaptation of Michael Bond’s classic, marmalade-loving creation. The first movie remained staunchly loyal to Bond’s brand of whimsy and dry humour, and the equally delightful sequel hasn’t let the side down.

Once more anchored by Ben Whishaw’s lilting tones as the little bear from Peru, we’ve got returning stars Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Julie Walters again bringing their A-game, plus an appearance from Brendan Gleeson as fearsome prison cook, Knuckles McGinty. Even so, Hugh Grant steals the show with his delightfully preening villain, Phoenix Buchanan, a former thespian reduced to making dog food ads.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Certificate: 12A
Released: 14th December

Promising to sweep all in its path, the highly anticipated continuation of the Star Wars saga picks up with fledgling Jedi Rey (Daisy Ridley) and her tutelage under the estranged Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).

But the dark side looms in the form of nemesis Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the malevolent spectre of the mysterious Snoke (played in high-tech motion capture by Andy Serkis).

Integrating series icon Luke back into the mythology is just one reason to be excited about a movie that promises to push the new trilogy into ever-more spectacular and exciting areas. Has Luke gone to the dark side? And will Rey be able to combat those looking to destroy her? The Force is most definitely strong with this one.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Certificate: 12A
Released: 20th December

If you’re of a certain vintage you’ll no doubt recall the blockbusting success of the 1995 Robin Williams fantasy film, Jumanji. That movie sent a stampede of animals hurtling through suburbia, and now comes the modern-day follow-up.

Translated from board game to video game, the comic twist sees a group of teenagers sent hurtling into the digital world of Jumanji, where they find themselves trapped within the bodies of A-list avatars.

Ever wanted to see Dwayne Johnson playing an oversized nerd, or Jack Black as a selfie-addicted girl trapped within the body of a middle-aged man? Now’s your chance. Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan co-star.


Certificate: U
Released: 16th December

Those animation geniuses behind the blockbusting likes of Ice Age and Rio present us with an all-new creation, a gentle story about not judging people by their outward appearance. Former WWE wrestler-turned-acting superstar John Cena brings his dulcet tones to the role of loveable bull Ferdinand, whose imposing bulk belies a gentle and kind nature.

When a misunderstanding separates him from his human family he embarks on an epic journey to be reunited with them, encountering a host of hilarious characters along the way, including a helpful goat named Lupe.

Pitch Perfect 3

Certificate: 12A
Released: 20th December

Aca-scuse me? High-flying a cappella girl group the Barden Bellas first arrived on our screens in 2012 and immediately won us over with their sassy attitude and riff-off skills. 2015’s sequel continued their adventures but, sadly, all things must come to an end, and this closing number promises to end the series on the highest of notes.

With returning stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson leading the musical ensemble to Europe for one final contest, expect a journey laced with an equal amount of laughs and tears. Plus, of course, all the toe-tapping pop hits we’ve come to expect.

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