Five films to look forward to in September

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New movies from Tim Burton and Daniel Radcliffe, the year's finest tear-jerker and a Kiwi comedy

Hell Or High Water

Out 9 September. Certificate 15


Scottish director David Mackenzie, the filmmaker behind such impressive movies as Young Adam and Starred Up, returns with this equally fine Texas-set thriller. Written by Taylor Sheridan, who made an impact with last year's hard-hitting drugs drama Sicario, this tale sees veteran star Jeff Bridges excel as a crafty Texas Ranger on the trail of two bank-robbing brothers (Chris Pine, Ben Foster) who embark on a crime spree in the hope of collecting enough money to prevent the bank foreclosing on their family ranch. With the the very real effect the recession has had on small-town America lingering in the backdrop, Mackenzie's smart-minded movie transcends its crime-genre trappings to become one of the more intelligent thrillers you'll see this year. Don’t miss.

Captain Fantastic

Out 9 September. Certificate: 15

Viggo Mortensen delivers one of the first performances in 2016  that you're likely to still be hearing about in Oscar season. He plays Ben, an unconventional father-of-six who is raising his kids in the wilds of America's Pacific Northwest – tutoring them in everything from rock-climbing to the writings of Noam Chomsky. With the family left grief-stricken after their bipolar mother takes her own life, Ben takes his brood on a road trip as they head to her funeral – an eye-opener for the kids as they experience everything from fast-food to first love. Written and directed by former actor Matt Ross, the performances are, well, fantastic – notably British star George MacKay as Ben's college-bound son. The result is this year's finest tear-jerker.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Vertigo, out 16 Sep. Certificate: PG


One of the best movies to come out of New Zealand since The Lord of the Rings, Taika Waititi's latest is a brilliantly observed comedy. Jurassic Park star Sam Neill plays the cantankerous Uncle Hec, who – after his wife suddenly dies – is reluctantly left to look after recently adopted youngster Ricky (Julian Dennison). With Hec threatening to send Ricky back to child services, the boy runs off into the Bush and Hec follows, sparking a national manhunt. What follows is hilarious and heartfelt as the two unlikely runaways do their best to overcome their differences. Waititi, who is currently shooting the next Thor movie, has crafted a real gem here.


Out 23 September. Certificate: TBC


The first of two Daniel Radcliffe films to be released this September (the other being Swiss Army Man), this thriller sees the former Harry Potter star further remind us how far he's come since putting down his wand. Radcliffe plays Nate Foster, an FBI agent who goes undercover in a white supremacist gang in an attempt to discover those behind a terrorist bomb plot. Featuring Toni Collette as the boss who manoeuvres him into this unenviable position, it's a tough watch but Potter fans will be fascinated to see just how Radcliffe has grown as an actor.

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

20th Century Fox, 30 September. Cert: TBC


'Peculiar' is a word you might well associate with the films of Tim Burton, the director of Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So it's no surprise he's gravitated towards Ransom Riggs's 2011 novel – the story of a refuge for 'gifted' kids run by the strict and mysterious Miss Peregrine. Burton has the good fortune to call on his Dark Shadows star Eva Green to play his headmistress (who can turn into a peregrine falcon, by the way). Joining her is British actor Asa Butterfield, who plays the 16 year-old Jake, chosen to protect his fellow Peculiar Children. With scenes shot in 3D, expect it to be this autumn's weirdest, wildest family film. 






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