Public Service Day 2020

Public Service Day, fireman, nurse and teacher Public Service Day, fireman, nurse and teacher Public Service Day, fireman, nurse and teacher

Public Service Day was launched by the United Nations in 2003 to celebrate the contribution those in the public sector and civil service make to our society. Although so much has changed this year, one thing hasn’t – our public-service workers have been keeping the country going. They don’t ask for applause, but they could use all our support for this Public Service Day on 23 June.

More than 'thank you'

Now, more than ever, it’s so important to recognise the work our public services do and the difference they make to us all. In 2020, in more ways than we realise, they’ve been stepping up and staying strong. We owe them more than just our thanks, so why not join with us at Boundless and discover what you can do to support them?


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The smallest act can make the biggest difference



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What do you especially appreciate about our nation’s public services? Join the conversation and share your stories with us – or mention someone who you feel has gone the extra mile.

Don't forget to use #morethanthankyou and #publicserviceday – our social links are above and we look forward to seeing you.



Petition for change

Never before has the need for our public services been so recognised and many are taking this one step further – just by signing a petition for change you will be showing your support. You’ll find examples of these below, but you can see all current petitions here >

38 Degrees: Time to Pay Key Workers

Change.Org: Provide Teaching Staff with PPE

Change.Org: Unfreeze NHS Annual Pay Rises



Support a charity

From improving mental health and well-being services to providing grants for research, there are many charities tirelessly supporting key areas of our public services and a wide range of professions. Our chosen charities for 2020 are shown below but are many others that also need support, including:

Royal College of Midwives Benevolent Fund

Teaching Staff Trust

The Care Workers Charity



Write to your MP

Local MPs depend on their constituents to tell them about the important issues. This is great place to start expressing how you think the government should be acknowledging our public-service workers.*

Find out who your local MP is here >

Details of how to write to your MP >

Our MP letter template can help you get started >


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Our chosen charities

To say our own thanks this Public Service Day, Boundless have donated £1000 to each of the following charities. You can find out more about each charity by clicking the logos below:

Police Care UK
RCN Foundation
Education Support
The charity for civil servants
The Fire Fighters charity

Stories from our public services

Public Service Day: female fire fighter with fire engine, women in the public sector

Inspirational women

These incredible women are supporting their local communities, campaigning for better representation in their sectors, better schooling and more.

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Public Service Day: midwife and mum in hospital with new born baby

Ten things you didn’t know

Millions of people work in public service across many, many sectors. The vital work they do all around the UK often goes unnoticed – here are 10 things you may not know.

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Set of portraits

Under the radar

When you think of public services, images of nurses, firefighters and police officers probably spring to mind, but the range of roles that go unseen is far more varied than you could ever have imagined.

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