7 Motoring aids for accessibility

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man using wheelchair accessible driving aids

These useful accessories for people with limited mobility have been put through their paces by our expert tester, so you know they’ll do their job

Your expert: life-changing injuries restricted Nerys Pearce to a wheelchair in 2004 – she now uses her life experience to help people improve their skills in overcoming adversity and being more resilient.

Best for steering

Quick release steering mushroom £50

quick steering mushroom for driving


This is brilliant for anyone who finds holding or turning the steering wheel difficult, as it gives safe control of the car when driving with one hand. Constructed of comfortable non-slip material, which offers confidence in handling it, it’s easy to fit to the steering wheel and has the added bonus of being quick-release – handy if someone else wants to drive the same car. brig-aydcontrols.co.uk

Best for sit-to-stand aid

Vehicle support handle £12.99

vehicle support handle

If raising from sit to stand and vice versa is a challenge, this inexpensive tool can help. Its lightweight, transportable design works with all cars that use a U-shaped door latch, with no fitting required. The foam grip is comfortable and non-slip and a solid construction means this is safe for weights up to 25 stone. Extra safety functions include a seat-belt cutter or window breaker. amazon.co.uk

Best for swivelling

Car seat swivel cushion £57.82 

car seat swivel cushion

This is very easy to fit on any car seat and has a safety harness securing the cushion, so drivers feel safe accessing and transferring from the car seat. The 360° swivel means the need for any twisting is completely eliminated. The two-inch cushion is deep enough to provide pressure relief and the fleece covering gives extra comfort – a removable cover means that it’s easy to keep clean, too. completecareshop.co.uk

Best for all-round vision

Panoramic car mirror £20.39 

panoramic car mirror

This high-quality mirror not only gives excellent extra visual coverage of the area surrounding the car, but also helps to reduce the amount that users need to turn their heads, reducing neck pain. This in turn increases concentration. It is quick and easy to fit over the existing rear-view mirror and will immediately boost confidence with regard to being aware of all other road users. aids4mobility.co.uk

Best for transferring

Two-in-one transfer board, price on application

two in one transfer board

This type of transfer board requires professional fitting, but it’s well worth it, giving a solid base to bridge the gap between wheelchair and car for a safe transfer. The sleek, simple design of this board means that it is discreet when folded away – and it can easily be completely removed, too, which means that it can be fitted to either driver or passenger sides in a short time. elap.co.uk

Best for pedal control

Push-pull hand controls, price on application

push pull hand controls

For those with lower limb impairments, this is a purchase well worth considering when you get a new car. Its elegant design is built into the dash, so there are no cables or rods to catch your legs on. The fitting allows all airbags to be fully functional. The handle’s curved design is extremely comfortable and aesthetically pleasing – and the smooth and light action makes driving long distances easy. cowalmobility.co.uk

Best for closing boots

Boot strap £50, including fitting

boot strap for accessibility

Open boots are impossible to reach from a wheelchair without this nifty strap, which requires professional fitting. It’s well constructed and the double attachment design means that the strap doesn’t end up dangling outside the car boot when it’s closed. As a result, you can confidently pull the boot shut from your chair without worrying about the strap detaching. desgoslingmobilityltd.co.uk

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