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Discover the extraordinary beauty of the Norwegian coastline on a Hurtigruten cruise

In 1893, Captain Richard With pioneered the ‘hurtigruten’, or the ‘fast route’, an express steamship service along the Norwegian coastline. A remedy to the sporadic and unreliable services of the time, these ships offered a lifeline to coastal communities, and 130 years later, With’s company – now known as Hurtigruten – remains the expert at navigating this historic route. A wonderland of snowcapped mountains and majestic fjords, it’s a journey lauded as the "most beautiful voyage in the world". Now it’s your turn to embark on this timeless adventure and experience Norway’s enchanting allure first hand.

Spectacular in every season

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Tracing Hurtigruten’s signature route from Bergen to Kirkenes, and then back again, the ‘Classic Roundtrip Voyage’ offers an authentic immersion into the heart and soul of coastal Norway. In just 12 days, you’ll call at 34 coastal communities peppering the shores – from snug fishing villages and idyllic islands, to bustling towns and cities like Art Nouveau gem Ålesund and historic Viking capital Trondheim.

As you glide between picture-perfect ports, you’ll pass over 100 glittering fjords, and 10 times as many mountains. And with sailings available year-round, you can pick from the unique delights of Norway’s diverse yet equally captivating seasons.

Another round trip from Bergen, 'The Svalbard Express’ sets sail during the summertime, when days never quite fully succumb to darkness, but instead are tinged by the golden glow of the Midnight Sun. This 16-day cruise hugs the Norwegian coastline before venturing even deeper into the Arctic and across to Svalbard, an archipelago of rugged beauty where polar bears prowl and glaciers majestically calve into glistening waters.

The Northern Lights Promise

Northern Lights

Throughout winter, 'The North Cape Express’ spends a magical fortnight sailing all the way from Oslo in the south up to the very northernmost point of the European mainland, then back again. As you stand atop this commanding headland, gazing out across the Barents Sea, you’ll feel like you’re at the edge of the world.

As winter nights draw over their inky cloak, they set the stage for the mesmerising dance of the Northern Lights. Far from the light pollution on land, your ship will double as a floating observatory, offering the perfect vantage point to catch this natural spectacle. Should the lights elude the ship, not to worry: you’ll receive a complimentary six- or seven-day classic voyage in the next aurora season*.

Experts in exploration

Hurtigruten Norway cruise

As the original Norwegian coastal express, Hurtigruten is determined to ensure its guests experience Norway to the very fullest. That’s where a dedicated Coastal Experience Team steps in to enrich your journey, both on board and on land. All experts on the region, with years of first-hand experience, they'll offer a personal perspective to your journey, sharing their intimate knowledge of the nature, culture and history you encounter along the way. After all, in a world of guidebooks, websites and apps, there’s simply no substitute for someone recounting the charming stories held by the places special to them.

For an even deeper discovery of Norway, dozens of optional excursions are yours to explore. Whether you seek exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime adventures like kayaking, snowmobiling or dog-sledding, or prefer to immerse yourself in local history and culture, there's something for every kind of adventurer.

The adventure continues back on board, with fascinating insights shared by your Coastal Experience Team. Each team member holds a wealth of knowledge spanning specialist topics, from the natural phenomena of the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun to local history and culture.

Norway’s coastal kitchen

On a Hurtigruten voyage, you won’t just see Norway’s splendour: you’ll taste it too. Some on-board lectures are paired with tastings of seasonal Norwegian delicacies up on deck; taste amber-coloured cloudberries of autumn, or savour king crab and authentic fish cakes in winter. 'Trollsoup' is on the menu on summertime sailings into the Trollfjord, while fresh shrimps await in the Lyngenfjord during spring. And over in the dining room, you’ll devour meals crafted from the finest produce sourced from the ports you visit, from melt-in-your-mouth cod from Vesterålen to Lofoten’s award-winning cheeses. 

Committed to the coast

The world’s most beautiful voyage is also one of the most environmentally mindful. Channelling the same pioneering spirit as Captain Richard With all those years ago, Hurtigruten is currently undertaking its most ambitious sustainability initiative yet, developing zero-emission ships by 2030. In the meantime, Hurtigruten has upgraded its seven-strong fleet to hybrid vessels, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by 25% and nitrogen oxides by 80%.

Embark on an unforgettable journey along Norway’s coast and immerse yourself in unfiltered, authentic exploration. It’s the very essence of a Hurtigruten cruise.

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