Cartes Postales from Greece

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February 2018 – Book of the Month

Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop

Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop

Illustrated with photographs, the book brings Greece to life with vivid colour, picking up on themes of love, escapism and redemption.

When Ellie starts receiving mysterious postcards signed by ‘A’, she can’t resist the images of blue skies, sparkling seas and charming squares and decides that she must go and visit these places herself.

On the morning of Ellie’s adventure, a notebook arrives, containing the story of A’s journey through Greece, with stories he’s picked up along the way. And so we set sail and join them on this trip of life-affirming discovery and travel, reminding us to live life to the full.

Cartes Postales

About the Author

Victoria Hislop

Victoria Hislop has now written numerous best-selling novels, translated into more than 30 languages and selling millions of copies worldwide, she’s also had one of her books made into a 26-part adaption for Greek Television, which achieved record ratings.

Her first novel ‘The Island’ earned Victoria “Newcomer of the Year” Award at the Galaxy British Book Awards 2007, sold over 2 million copies worldwide and held the top spot in The Sunday Times for 8 weeks.

Her most recent novel also set in Greece, ‘Cartes Postales from Greece’, is already The Sunday Times #1 Bestseller and is her first illustrated book.