The history of LV= and Boundless: why we're perfect partners

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The history of LV and Boundless: car insurance

In 1923 the CSMA and Frizzell Insurance Group were both formed, starting a partnership of nearly 100 years

That year saw the birth of two organisations that would play a significant part in the lives of many motorists.

Changing the lives of early motorists 

In 1923, there were still more bicycles than cars on the roads. But things were changing rapidly in motoring.

Frizzell Insurance, set up as a family business specialising in motor and household insurance broking, was one of CSMA Club’s first partners, soon after it was founded. Tom Frizzell felt that this new motoring club was worth writing a special insurance scheme for. Tom reportedly said that, while he thought the CSMA would start in a small way, he saw a future potential membership of more than 50,000. On hearing this, some committee members smiled quietly to themselves. They thought that the Association would be lucky to get more than about 400 members in total!

Frizzell was soon providing cheaper motor insurance for those first members. It proved to be a mutually beneficial and highly successful partnership, both parties placing a high value on customer service.

During the 1980s and 90s, Frizzell Insurance was one of Bournemouth’s largest private employers with more than 1600 staff on its payroll. By the time of its sale in 1992, it had become the UK’s largest privately controlled insurance group.

Tom Frizzell wanted to share his success. He involved the company with community causes, supporting a large number of charities with financial contributions, and getting staff involved with fundraising events. The company would also sponsor AFC Bournemouth for several years, which saw the team’s black and red strip temporarily sport additional thin white lines.

LV and Boundless historic cars

Creating the perfect partnership

Where does LV= figure in all this? In 1996, LV= acquired the Frizzell Group, in order to continue the momentum of its success. It was a good fit, with the philosophies of the companies blending perfectly. LV= was established in 1843 as a mutual association to help families protect and provide for their dependants and cherished possessions. Today LV= is one of the UK’s largest insurance companies, offering a range of Defaqto 5-star rated products, including car and home insurance. They’re proud to be the UK’s most recommended insurer, according to YouGov. It places its customers at the heart of everything it does and, like Frizzell, it exists to help people protect the things they love.

Boundless and LV= is a partnership that has stood the test of time, with both parties continuing to share similar values – which means that Boundless members continue to enjoy discounted rates through this trusted provider.

The history of Boundless and LV=

  • 1843: William Fenton and a group of friends begin the Liverpool Independent Legal Victoria Burial Society, providing ‘penny policies’ to help the city’s poor to protect themselves.
  • 1868: After 25 years, the company moves its head office in Liverpool.
  • 1923: Tom Frizzell sets up Frizzell Insurance Group, Frank Edwards founds the Civil Service Motoring Association and the two organisations set up a partnership the same year.
  • 1996: Liverpool Victoria acquires the Frizzell Group and moves its head office to Frizzell House in Westbourne, Bournemouth.
  • 2007: Liverpool Victoria rebrands as LV=.
  • 2019: LV= is one of the UK’s largest insurance companies and YouGov’s ‘Most Recommended’ insurer*. With 5.8 million customers, it provides eight exclusive discounts for Boundless members, including five motoring products.

*Research from YouGov BrandIndex using ‘Recommend’ measure conducted online between January 2018 and December 2018, sample size 26,851, excludes brands tracked for less than 3 months. More information go to LV.com.

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