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Find out how Lighthouse Financial Advice can help you achieve your financial goals, from saving for your first home to making the most of your money in retirement

Wherever you are on life’s journey, many of your aspirations will depend on having the finances in place to make them happen. Whether it’s saving to buy your first home, weighing up the tax implications of a buy-to-let, deciding how best to save for your retirement, or planning how to maximise your family’s inheritance, there are important decisions to make.

That requires setting aside time to research your options, evaluate your findings, work out a strategy and identify financial products that suit your situation. But it shouldn’t end there. As life moves on, your requirements, your goals and, of course, your income shift. This means the financial products and strategies that will work best for you change, too. And what if you miss a key aspect that might make a difference? 

That’s why it can make sense to consult an expert – one who will take the time to understand your aspirations, ask the right questions about your current situation and has an overview of the financial strategies and products available to help you reach your goals. In a nutshell, a good adviser will look at the big picture, and help you to crystallise your aims and manage your money to make them happen. That’s what you can expect from Lighthouse Financial Advice. 

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Of all the financial dilemmas, perhaps saving for retirement is one of the most pressing. A Financial Times reader survey found that the question most asked of financial advisers is “can I afford to retire?” The truth is, it’s never too soon to start saving for retirement and, whatever your age, it’s likely that there are key steps you should be taking now – either to ensure your finances are ready for retirement, or to make the most of your money in retirement – including taking expert financial advice.

As a member of Boundless you’re eligible for a free initial financial consultation with Lighthouse Financial Advice, a Boundless approved partner, with no obligations after the initial consultation. You might be surprised what can be achieved by a thorough review of your finances, combined with a holistic view of how that fits with your aspirations. After all, it’s free of charge so you’ve got nothing to lose. So why not get in touch and find out how its expert advisers could help you make the kind of decisions that will lead you towards your goals? 

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As a Boundless member, there’s no fee for your initial financial consultation – and you’re under no obligations following the consultation. To book yours, or find out more about how Lighthouse Financial Advice can help you, call 08000 858590 or email Please quote reference ‘CSMAwebsite2112’ when you get in touch. Or for more information, click here to visit the website.

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