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North East London Group

About the Event

7.30pm to 10.30pm, Tuesday 14 May

Join the North East London Group's unique Balloon Debate event this May!

Welcome to a brand-new event. Never has it been done at a North East London Club Night. It is a Balloon Debate. What is that you might ask. Well read on.

It is a debate where several speakers attempt to win over the audience, by pretending to be a famous person from history. The person they choose must be dead, as you cannot liable or slander the dead. The only restriction is that you cannot choose somebody who was deeply religious, as it might upset those present.

So, each speaker, which in this first attempt will be the members of your committee, will be required to do some research and then stand up and speak for a MAXIMUM of five minutes. That is a long time. After all the speakers of the panel have had their say, then the Chairman of the day will summarise each person’s main points.

The audience will also be allowed to make notes as well. In other words, anything goes. Then the audience will vote as to who will stay in the Balloon. Remember you are voting for the character. The character with the highest votes is kicked out of the Balloon. Then another vote happens to kick the next character out of the Balloon. Voters can change their mind, and the person kicked out can also vote. Voting and so kicking out the balloon continues until we get a winner.



Beaufort Suite, Bishops College, Churchgate, Cheshunt, EN8 9XQ


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