Gardening jobs you should tackle in the month of November

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November gardening jobs raking leaves

From pruning roses to cleaning your lawn mower, we list some of the essential gardening tasks to take on at this time of year

With the weather getting colder and wetter, you might be tempted to retreat indoors and ignore the garden for a few months.

But be brave, put on some warm clothes and head outside, as there are a number of important gardening jobs that need doing at this time of year. Here are just some of the things you might want to focus on.

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1. Stock up bird feeders

November gardening jobs boy filling bird feeder

Birds rely on the food we leave out to give them energy through the winter months. So make sure your bird feeders are replenished with plenty of peanuts, oil-rich seeds and suet products. It's also a great way to attract wildlife to your garden.

2. Create a wildlife stack

November gardening jobs wildlife stack

As well as food, many animals and insects need shelter against the biting winter chill. Using your prunings and clippings, create a dry wildlife stack in a part of your garden that's out of sight of predators – for example, behind the shed. This can be added to throughout the autumn.

3. Plant flower seeds 

November gardening jobs man and boy sowing seeds

Some flower seeds require a period of cold to break their dormancy, so now is a good time to start planting them. BBC Gardeners' World magazine lists eryngiums, bugle, Corydalis solida, sweet peas and Allium sphaerocephalon among the flowers that can be planted now, ready to blossom in the spring.

4. Insulate your outdoor containers

November gardening job plant pot hessian

If you have plants growing in containers in the garden, you'll want to ensure that they don't suffer when the weather turns frosty. Tie some sturdy material such as hessian, or perhaps some bubble wrap, around the containers to provide effective insulation over the colder months.

5. Clean slippery surfaces

November gardening jobs pressure washer patio

Algae, moss and sodden leaves can all accumulate on concreted areas during the autumn, making the surfaces very slippery and dangerous. Take an hour or so to scrub the debris away – if you have a pressure washer, the job will be much quicker and easier.

6. Pick some mood-boosting flowers

November gardening jobs chrysanthemums

We all need cheering up at this time of year, and one way to do that is by filling your home with colourful flowers. BBC Gardeners' World magazine says that nerines, schizostylis and chrysanthemums can all be picked in November, along with other equally uplifting varieties.

7. Clear leaves off the lawn

November gardening jobs children raking leaves

Raking away any fallen leaves will keep your grass in a healthy condition. You might also want to consider aerating your lawn by pricking it with a garden fork every few feet or so. This will allow stale carbon dioxide to escape from the soil and let fresh, oxygen-rich air in. 

8. Harvest your crops

November gardening jobs Brussels sprouts

If you've been growing your own veggies, November is a good time to go out and reap what you've sown. Carrots, cabbages, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts can all be harvested at this time of year, giving you plenty of fresh ingredients for a lovely warming hotpot. 

9. Prune your roses

November gardening jobs pruning roses

Heading into winter is the best time of year to prune roses (apart from rambling roses, which should be pruned in summer after they've flowered). Don't be shy – the more you cut back, the stronger they'll grow back, giving you colourful and fragrant flowers in the spring. Read BBC Gardeners' World magazine's tips on how to prune roses

10. Clean your lawn mower

November gardening jobs cleaning lawn mower

You're not going to need your mower over the winter, so you might as well stash it away in the shed. But before you do, remove any residual grass or mud with a stiff brush and give it a scrub with a wet cloth – you'll be thankful for it when you pull out a clean and shiny mower come February or March. 

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