A Woman's Place: The Role of the Lady in the Medieval Great House

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Peterborough Group

About the Event

7pm to 9.30pm, Wednesday 2 October

The Peterborough Group invites you to a talk challenging perceptions of medieval women by Chris Carr.


This talk by Chris Carr seeks to lay the conception that medieval women of status were mere cyphers whose lives were entirely at the mercy of their menfolk.
Chris is a historian and reenactor with an interest in social history and increasingly the role of women in the past. Having taken both a BA and master’s degrees in Classical Studies with the Open University Chris has developed an interest in the medieval period and particularly the Wars of the Roses period which she regularly helps to recreate with local living history group The Medieval Sokemen. She has also appeared on C4's The Great British Dig alongside Hugh Dennis.


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Peterborough Milton Golf Club, Milton Ferry, Milton, PE6 7AG


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