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6pm to 9pm, Wednesday 17 August 2022

The Boundless Karting group would like to welcome Boundless and CSSC Members, their Families and Guests to our evening Karting event at North Pickenham.

The Anglia Karting Centre is based at North Pickenham which is on the outskirts of Swaffham in the heart of Norfolk. The circuit has two outdoor racetracks, one of 675 meters and the other of 400 meters. These tracks when combined make a 1030-meter circuit which is what we normally race on.

Originally the site was part of the RAF North Pickenham station which was constructed for the US Air Force and was opened in 1944. After the Station closed it was sold in 1965 and since then it has been an activity camp for the scouts before it was made into a karting track. It has since been developed making the track more complex allowing a variety of layouts up to the full 1030-meter track.

Event Summary:

Drivers: Minimum: 14 Maximum: 28
Minimum age 16: Drivers aged below 18 need their parents or guardians to sign the indemnity form at the circuit and be present at all times in the evening.
Please note that Refreshments are not available.
Unfortunately, spectators are currently not allowed to attend due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Event Reception:

Drivers need to arrive by 6.30 pm and on arrival, all Drivers should report to the Event Organiser.
Drivers will then be directed to 'Signing On' where they will 'be kitted out (free of charge) with racing overalls, a helmet and gloves (you may bring your own if you wish but they must be approved by the Circuit).
Please wear comfortable and suitable clothing for the weather. Don’t wear anything that would upset you if it became damaged or mucky, simple jeans and a T-shirt would be fine. If you do not have proper racing shoes, then trainers are the next best thing and remember you will not be allowed to race in any footwear with open toes or heels. 
Following the reception, it’s off for a full Safety Briefing which all Drivers must attend

Event Format: Endurance:

After the safety briefing and practice runs drivers will be separated into pairs based on the organiser’s assessment of the fastest and slowest. This way we hope that all the Teams will end up being more or less equal.
Let us know if you wish to be paired with a specific person and we will do our best to accommodate you provided it doesn’t give your Team an unfair advantage.
You are all set then for the 60 Minute Endurance race with Drivers changing over every 10 Minutes. Trophies will be presented to the top 3 Pairs of Drivers

Please enjoy your evening’s karting at the North Pickenham circuit but please remember that all drivers must be free of alcohol, illegal substances or prescription medication.

You can find our Facebook page here.

Entry Forms can be obtained by sending an email (click here to send) or our Boundless web page. The entry form shows the various methods of payment. 

Alternatively, you can use our new online entry system by clicking the link here, which is currently being used in parallel with our old entry forms.

The same payment method is to be used whichever entry system you use.  If paying directly into the Karting Group bank account, then enter the first three letters of your Surname /North for reference on the payment form.

Entries: Please send all completed Entry Forms to the following email.

As this is an evening event the entry fee is £31 for Members and £35 for Guests.

Anglia Karting Centre, The Airfield, North Pickenham, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 8LL


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