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From Twang to Bang AGM

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From Twang to Bang Cover Photo

Peterborough Group

About The Event

7.30am to 10am, Wednesday 4 March 2020

This will probably be the most important meeting of the year. It's your chance to let us know how you think we are doing.

It will be followed by a talk from, Mike Wabe, who will tell us how and why we went from using a bow and arrows, which relied on muscle-power, to using gunpowder in a musket. 

Discover what an English longbow was made from, and how we acquired the wood. Learn about how our archers were trained and the arrows they shot (NOT fired!).

Find out about bowyers and fletchers and just how skilled they were. Hear about the successes achieved by English archers in battle, and learn about the archery terms we still use today. Also learn about the reasons for the change to gunpowder and the prominence of Pikemen.

We look forward to seeing you all there. 




The Club Room, Peterborough Milton Golf Club, Milton Ferry, Milton, PE6 7AG



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