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9am to 11.30am, Friday 17 May 2019

Originally a station of the Royal Flying Corps, Wittering Heath was opened in 1916 as a base for a Home Defence squadron. Squadrons from RAF Wittering have played a significant role in almost every major conflict for the last 100 years, including the Battle of Britain. The Harriers saw action in the Falklands, Balkans, Gulf War II and Afghanistan.

During World War One the Station served as training facility for pilots (a role to which it has now returned) and as a prisoner of war camp. In 1918 the Station was officially named Royal Air Force Wittering. During the early 1950s the airfield at RAF Wittering was redeveloped to accommodate the arrival of the jet age. English Electric Canberras arrived in March 1954 and Valiant B1s, the first V-Bomber, arrived in July 1955. During the 1950s and 1960s all three V-Force bombers operated from RAF Wittering: the Valiant, Victor and the Vulcan.

In 1969 the Harrier arrived. It was an association that lasted for over forty years. The Harriers were involved in almost every major UK conflict including the Falklands, Gulf War Two, the Balkans and Afghanistan. In 2010 the airfield fell silent with the retirement of the Harriers, but was reactivated in 2014. Wittering now provides elementary flying training to the next generation of RAF pilots.

Our free tour starts at 9am at the Guard room, where we will be met by Cpl. Lisa Morris to get our passes and transfer by a RAF Bus to the Heritage Centre for a 20-25-minute brief.
We can take pictures during the of the History Rooms, 30-40 minutes, and there will be photo opportunities when we are shown the Harriers. Free information is available along with books, poster and DVD but cash only. The visit will take approx. 2 hours.

Numbers are limited and we will need names of all visitors and vehicle details by 3 May for security and transport requirements.
This will be followed by a lunch at the Country lounge café and bar Wansford if you wish to join us. Food must be pre-ordered. Please see menu here.

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RAF visit free

Cost of lunch depends on food ordered



RAF Wittering, Peterborough, PE8 6HB


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