Boundless magazine July/August 2021

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Crossword solution

Crossword solution July / August 2021


6 French city in Burgundy known for its mustard (5)
7 Capital of Iraq (7)
9 Rodgers and Hart song that has become the anthem of Manchester City (4,4)
10 Number of sheets of paper formerly 480, now 500 (4)
11 Person who participates in an activity as a pastime (7)
13 Smooth glossy fabric (5)
15 Agreement to stop fighting temporarily (5)
17 High-performance sports car manufactured by Porsche (7)
20 Ship's wheel forms part of this (4)
21 Retriever with a golden or black coat, often used as a guide dog (8)
23 Cooked until firm and a little chewy (2,5)
24 German beer mug (5)


1 Herb that is similar to fennel (4)
2 Car that was mass produced by Ford from 1908 to 1927 (5,1)
3 Small room with a hot-air bath (5)
4 Himalayan mountain guide (6)
5 Vauxhall family car that was on sale from 1975 till 1995 (8)
8 & 19D Classic sports car that first appeared in 1957 and which was completely redesigned in the 1970s (5,5)
12 Spanish holiday resort on the Costa del Sol (8)
12 Name shared by many British rivers including one that flows through Bath (4)
14 Disney movie about a young deer and his friend Thumper (5)
16 Motor vehicle, usually a van, with cooking and sleeping facilities (6)
18 Oldest bridge across the Grand Canal in Venice (6)
19 See 8D
22 Midwestern state of the USA (4)


Across: 6 Dijon, 7 Baghdad, 9 Blue Moon, 10 Ream, 11 Amateur, 13 Satin, 15 Truce, 17 Carrera, 20 Helm, 21 Labrador, 23 Al dente, 24 Stein.
Down: 1 Dill, 2 Model T, 3 Sauna, 4 Sherpa, 5 Cavalier, 8 Lotus, 12 Marbella, 14 Bambi, 16 Camper, 18 Rialto, 19 Elite, 22 Ohio.

Sudoku solution

Sudoku solution July / August 2021

Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel?

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel? Words must be four letters or more, each word must contain the central letter A. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed. There is at least one nine-letter word.

Word Wheel solution July / August 2021


Good Score: 8+
Excellent: 12+

9 letter word: Surfboard

Other words that can be found: Absurd, adsorb, arbour, ardour, bard, baud, boar, board, bora, brad, broad, bursa, bursar, daub, dobra, drab, durbar, durra, fado, faro, fora, fraud, road, roar, soar, soba, soda, sofa, sofar, sora, sura.

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