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Crossword solution

Crossword solution September


7 Small family car that began as the UK version of the Opel Kadett (8,5)
8 Spanish car manufacturers (4)
9 African country that was formed by Tanganyika and Zanzibar (8)
10 Enclosed area for skating (3,4)
11 Country located to the south of Saudi Arabia (5)
14 Surname shared by The Waste Land poet and Middlemarch author (5)
17 Small falcon that hovers by rapidly beating its wings (7)
20 Large luxury US car (8)
21 Bridle strap (4)
23 Sea that separates Europe from Africa and Asia (13)


1 Hard green stone used for ornaments (4)
2 County town of Devon (6)
3 Florida beach and race track that gives its name to the Ferrari 365 (7)
4 Piece of hard rock used with steel to produce an igniting spark (5)
5 Car with a large luggage area behind the rear seats and an openng rear door (6)
6 Pleasure trip on a boat (6)
8 River that flows through Paris into the English Channel (5)
12 Synthetic fabric that’s said to take its name from New York and London (5)
13 Divine messenger, liquid metal and nearest planet to the sun (7)
15 Slip-on leather shoe (6)
16 Point where something begins (6)
18 Alan - - -, English mathematician who played a key role in breaking the German code in World War II (6)
19 Group of ships sailing together (5)
22 Middle Eastern country, capital Baghdad (4)


Sudoku solution

September Sudoku solution

Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel?

How many words can you make using the letters in the word wheel? Words must be four letters or more, each word must contain the central letter E. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed. There is at least one nine-letter word.

September Word Wheel


Good Score: 11+
Excellent: 26+

9 letter words: Household

Other words that can be found:
Dhole, dole, dose, douse, duel, dulse, hoed, hole, holed, hose, hosel, house, housed, housel, hued, hushed, lode, loose, loosed, lose, louse, loused, oodles, ousel, shed, sheol, shoe, shoed, shooed, sled, sloe, sole, soloed, souled, sued, used.

Codeword solution

Codeword September October 2020

Picture Quiz

Sand Forts

1 Above is a photo of the Red Sands army fort, which is one of the sea forts installed around the coast as an extra layer of defence during World War II. These are named after their designer – who was he?

a) John Anderson
b) Guy Maunsell
c) RJ Mitchell
d) Barnes Wallis

2 Constructed on land, the sea forts were towed and placed in the sea to protect British cities and shipping lanes from enemy air raids and naval attacks. They are located in two key areas, the estuaries of the Thames and which other river?

a) Humber
b) Mersey
c) Severn
d) Tyne

3. In the 1960s, sea forts around the Thames estuary were occupied by pirate radio stations, such as Radio Essex, Radio Invicta and Radio 390. Which of these iconic figures set up a radio station there?

a) Barry Humphries
b) Keith Moon
c) Cynthia Payne
d) Screaming Lord Sutch

4 In 1967, one of the pirate broadcasters, a former army major, Paddy Roy Bates, moved his radio station to another sea fort, Roughs Tower, which was outside UK territorial waters. But rather than continuing to transmit, he declared the independence of the tower and gave his new micronation what name?

a) Grand Duchy of Atlantis
b) North Sea Empire
c) Principality of Sealand
d) Republic of Neptunia


1:b – Guy Maunsell, 2: b – Mersey, 3: d – Screaming Lord Sutch, 4: c – Principality of Sealand.

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